Saturday, October 20, 2012

Saturday Morning Training Group Run

2012-10-20, Saturday

Today's plan calls for an Easy Run.

DC Bike Path: Marathon Training, Long(-ish) Run. Dist: (6.36)mi. Pace-avg: (15:13)/mi. Speed-avg: (3.9)mph. Speed-max: (5.8)mph. Burned: (738) Calories. HR-avg: (141)bpm. HR-max: (168)bpm.

Plan: Run/walk for (40)min.
Actual: Warm-up run/walk (1.58)mi. to meet-up point, walk back to park w/ training group, run/walk (3.58)mi @ (14:23) pace, cool-down walk back home (1.19)mi.
Fuel: Pre-run: Oats & Honey Granola Bar, Bowl of Granola w/ raisins and non-fat milk; Mid-run: (water); Post-run: 1x banana, 1x peach, lunch later.

Splits: (Training Run/Walk): 13:47, 15:03, 14:07, 14:47.

Other News: Got hired for private security work, again. This time I'll be working at a hospital, so that will be very different, and very busy, and require a different skill-set. Also, we get paid weekly now, so that will be very nice: It's been twenty-six (26) months since I received a pay-check. :-)


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Track Workout with the 2013 Modesto Marathon (Adult) Training Group

2012-09-25 Tuesday
Track Workout with the 2013 Modesto Marathon (Adult) Training Group

Today's workout started awkwardly: I get in the car and the engine won't turnover. I turn the key and get a *click* *click* *click*  Me: *sigh*

On to Plan B! Get on my bicycle and peddle! Peddle! Peddle! I make it (2.53)mi. in (14:11)min. Sweet! Now that I'm warmed up a bit I join the rest of the group on the track: 4x 400m warm-up. I choose the run/walk option, just so I don't burn out too fast. After the warm-up the group collects in one area for a presentationm and practicum, in warm-up stretching. Once we have completed this the training group breaks up into three groups: Walkers, Run/Walkers (Galloway method), and Runners. I join the Run/Walkers. I missed this group on Saturday during our first training session. [I'll come back to that.]

MJC East Campus track. 2012-08-28

Bonnie leads the run/walkers: We (slow)run the straights on the track, then walk the curves/corners, (slow)run the straights, then walk the curves/corners. Repeat for a total of four (4) laps, then run/walk, or just walk in my case (and a few others), a final four (4) laps for the cool-down.

Drink some water, then peddle back home (3.33)mi. in (21:20)min. via a slightly different path.

Good workout!!

Minutes of exercise: (83) min., approx.
Calories burned: (687) Calories, approx.

2013 Modesto Marathon Training Group
On 08.September.2008 I signed up for the 2013 Modesto Marathon Adult Training Group. This was the second informational meeting the Modesto Marathon group held. Sign-ups were taking place the same day. Following the presentation I decided to go whole hog and sign-up for the full marathon for next year, renew my ShadowChase Running Club membership, and get the training group hat and bright green training shirt (long-sleeve, since winter weather is coming).

First Group Run
2012-09-22 Saturday
Our first training run was Saturday, 22.September.2012. We met in the SaveMart parking lot, collected our training t-shirts, used the ShoeFitr device that On The Run brought (for those of us that were interested).

Once we were semi-organized we headed off to the park on foot at a brisk walk to warm-up, about (0.7)mi., then it was a "run at your own pace as far as you like" option. From the picnic gazebo to the water fountain out in the middle of the park is about (1.5)mi., so I chose to go slow and just do (3.0)mi. total. Important tip: I learned there were additional restrooms up the hill above that mid-park water fountain. The golf course has restrooms, a snack bar, and a pro shop, and their hours are 0700-1800hrs. seven (7) days a week; at least, that's what I saw posted. If I had known this the week before, when I was in the park helping with the ShadowChase monthly park clean-up, I would have been much better off when I decided to hike through the rest of the park afterwards, and ended up under-fueled during the return leg. Live and learn, assuming it don't kill ya', which it kinda' felt like at the time...

Looking forward to more group training runs (and solo runs) over the coming months. :-)


Monday Madness, with a side of catch-up's been I while since I posted an update...

2012-09-24, Monday
I started off the day with a (5.0)mi. run/walk at about an (18:22) pace. I spent a little more time in the sun than expected, and have a touch of burn for it. :-/

A nice day for a run in the park.

Later, I went to my Self-Defence class. Combatives is still awesome, but today was a light-weight day: Flow Exercises to practice footwork and deflecting your opponent, rather than the usual high-speed attack sessions. No bruises today. Woo-HOO!

Warm-up exercises:
Crunches: (40) reps. 3x;
Planks: (30)sec. 3x;
Half-squats: (30) reps @ (60)sec.; (16) reps. @ (30)sec. 2x; (20) reps. @ (30)sec.
Push-ups: (11) reps. 2x

After class I took a break, ate some HoneyStinger Chews, then proceeded to a solo workout.

Solo CrossFit(-ish) Workout

Jump Rope: (180) jumps in about (5)min., with breaks.
Kettlebell Swings: (26)lb. KB: (20)reps., (15)reps., (20)reps.
Seated Calf Raise: (50)lbs. @ (20)reps. 3x.

My first Kettlebell, (26)lbs.

CrossFit Tuesday w/ RJ
2012-08-21 Tuesday

Warm-up: High Knees, Butt-Kickers
Bear Crawl: fwd/rev.
Crab Walk: fwd/rev.
Burpees: (7)x
Jumping Jacks: (30)x
Wall-Sits: 1x @ (30)sec.; 1x @ (40)sec.; 1x @ (30)sec.
Hammer ISO-Row: (10)x @ (55)lbs. (vertical grop), 3x sets; (5)x @ (55)lbs. (vertical grip), 1x set.
Hammer ISO-Pulldown: (35)lbs. ea. side: (10) reps., 3x
Hammer ISO-Front Military Press: (25)lbs. ea. side: (10)reps., 2x
Pull-up Bar (Supported): Hold (15)sec., (20)sec.
Overhead Squat: (20)lbs. @ (10)reps., 2x
Fran WOD: Thruster: (15)lbs., 21-15-9; Jump Pull-ups: 21-15-9; Time: (6:14)min. not including water and breather breaks.

2012-08-20 Monday
Post Combatives Solo Workout

Jump Rope: (50) jumps, non-consecutive
Wall Push-ups: (15) reps, 2x
Shoulder-Arm Warm-ups.
Planks (Straight Arm): (45)sec., 3x
Leg Raises (30-deg.): (15) reps., 3x
Straight-Arm Weight Hold (semi-squat): (10)sec., 4x, (3)lb. weight
Bench Press: (10)kg., (50) reps. quick.
Triceps Curl (bench, flat): (10)kg. @ (10) reps., 3x
Wall-Ball: (10)lbs. ball @ (10)reps.
Seated Calf Raise: (50)lbs. @ (15)reps., 3x
Standing Calf Raise (BW [bodyweight]): (10) reps. each leg
Bench Press: (45)lb. bar: (15)reps., 3x

2012-08-16 Thursday
Solo Workout

Fit In (30) Circuit Room: (3) laps in (36:08)min.
KB swings: (26)lbs @ (15)reps. 1x

CrossFit Tuesday
2012-08-14 Tuesday

Personal Vendetta Warm-up (I forget the details). Then on to:
Bench Press: 10x @ (45)lbs.; 15x @ (65)lbs.; 3x @ (90)lbs.; 3x @ (95)lbs. (A new PR!!)
Back Squat: 5x @ (95)lbs.; 5x @ (105)lbs.; 5x @ (135)lbs.; 1x @ (155)lbs.; 3x @ (145)lbs.
GHD Back Extension: (10) reps.
GHD Sit-ups: (20) reps.

(GHD: Glute-Hamstring Developer)

CrossFit Thursday OOF!
2012-08-09 Thursday

Tonight's workout was a real sweat-astic event, as usual.

Jump Rope: (30) jump, 3x
Plank: (15-30) sec., 3x

Practice hand-speed: Whip the jump-rope like a buggy whip on the down-stroke. Trying this greatly increased my rotational speed moving the 'rope, and I was even able to keep up for a good interval. :-)

Jerk Splits: Practice w/o the bar first, then with a wooden dowl.
Jerk Splits: (20)lbs. @ 6x; (30)lbs. @ 6x; (40)lbs. @ 6x; (50)lbs. @ 4x.
Kettlebell Swings: (55)lbs. @ 6x, 6x, 10x.
Wall Balls: Medicine Ball (20)lbs.: 6x, 10x, 10x.


Friday, August 03, 2012

CrossFit Badass; Easy Run

2012-08-03, Friday
Today's plan calls for an Easy Run. Wait. That was actually yesterday's plan. Oh, well.

DC Bike Path: 1/2 Marathon Training, Easy Run. Dist: (3.11)mi. Pace-avg: (15:06). Speed-avg: (4.0)mph. Speed-max: (7.3)mph. Burned: (364) Calories. HR-avg: (156)bpm.

Plan: Run (3.0)mi. @ an avg. pace of (17:58) for a total time of (53:55)min.
Actual: Run/walk (3.11)mi. @ an avg. pace of (15:06) for a total of (46:56.08)min., followed by an unrecorded cool-down walk.
Fuel: Pre-run: 1x glass Gatorade (Orange); Mid-run: (water); Post-run: Dinner! Some new experiment in turkey-veggie burgers.

Splits: (13:51); (15:29); (15:55); last (0.11)mi. (15:41).

Other News: More CrossFit bad-assery! I met with my trainer at the gym before my evening run in the park, and we had a really great session today. After all the warm-up exercises I worked on the jump-rope some more. Today I was able to execute a total of (175) single jumps, through (3) sets, over a period of (90) seconds. These jumps were not continuous, but I'm getting there. :-)

Next up: We worked on Dead Lifts. Now, the last time we did Dead Lifts was w-a-a-a-y back in June.
From my Notebook:
June 6th: Dead Lift: 2x reps @ (105)lbs.; 8x reps. @ (85)lbs.; 9x reps. @ (85)lbs.; 7x reps. @(95)lbs.

This was part of a round of sets: Back Squat, Dead Lift, Shoulder Press. We were doing a reverse pyramid series starting at (10) reps., then (9) reps., on down to (1) rep. at the end. Once we got down to the 7's I started to flake out, i.e. I was confused, dizzy, seeing stars, and feeling like I needed to hurl; plus, I was really sweating bullets, profusely. My trainer got hold of a local firefighter-paramedic who was working out in the gym and he came to check on me. He said my color was very pale compared to when he saw me walk into the gym earlier and recommended I quit for the day; I agreed.

Now, fast forward two (2) months and I was able to knock out some good weight with multiple reps:
Aug. 3rd: Dead Lift: 5 reps. @ (75)lbs.; 5 reps. @(85)lbs.; 6 reps. @(95)lbs.; 10 reps. @(105)lbs.; 10 reps. @(135)lbs. [that's right, a (30)lb. jump]; 3 reps. @(155)lbs. (video); 3 reps. @ (165)lbs. (video); 5 reps. @ (170)lbs.; 3 reps. @(180)lbs.(!!!)

You know, I didn't really think I had it in me, but it turns out I totally did!!
Now, as the notes indicate, I have video of some of those lifts (and also a 4th set of rope jumps), but my system appears to be having issues getting those converted in iMovie so I can post them, so I will have to do that later. I may just post stills, but I do want to get some video clips in here, too.

UPDATE: Added a video montage of my dead-lifts from Friday. Notes for improvement: I need to suck in my gut more, and keep my core more fully engaged during the lift; I think that may make a difference. Also, it looks like I need to work on sitting lower on my hips, same as when executing a squat, i.e. shut the car door with your butt. And finally, I need to pinch my shoulder blades together. I think that may help me keep my back straighter in the line between my head, my shoulders and my hips.

Another side-note: I didn't feel as wrung out as the June workout, but after each set I did get a bit of a head-rush and had to walk around a little bit, drink some water, and wipe down my head and face (I was sweating pretty hard).


Thursday, August 02, 2012

Tuesday Moonlight Easy Run

2012-07-31 Tuesday

Today's plan calls for an Easy Run.

DC Bike Path: 1/2 Marathon Training, Easy Run. Dist: (3.11)mi. Pace-avg: (14:38). Speed-avg: (4.1)mph. Speed-max: (5.7)mph. Burned: (327) Calories. HR-avg: (159).

Plan: Run (3.0)mi. @ an avg. (17:58) pace for a total time of (53:55)min.
Actual: Run/walk (3.11)mi. @ an avg. (14:58) pace for a total of (45:23.39)min. followed by a cool-down walk.
Fuel: Pre-run: Honey Stinger Chews (Orange Blossom); Mid-run: (water); Post-run: dinner!

Just imagine it's night, with a near full-moon shining bright...

Splits: (14:18), (14:36), (15:19), (11:55) for the last (.011)mi.

Other News: CrossFit training is still going well. On June 30th I was able to execute several sets of Shoulder Presses @ (55)lbs. [From my notebook]:
10 reps.@(45)lbs.; 7 reps. @(45)lbs. 5 reps. @(45)lbs.; 5 reps. @(55)lbs.; 5 reps. @(55)lbs.

Today I was able to max out at (65)lbs. on the Shoulder Press [From my notebook]:
1 rep @(65)lbs.; 5 reps. @(55)lbs.; 5 reps. @(50)lbs.; 5 reps. @(50)lbs.
Here I focused on trying to keep better form with my elbows out front and closer together throughout the movement; I definitely felt the difference during execution.

Back on June 30th I was able to Back Squat (95)lbs. several times [From my notebook]:
8 reps. @(95)lbs.; 10 reps. @(95)lbs.; 10 reps. @(95)lbs.; 10 reps. @(95)lbs.

On July 28th I was able to PR @ (135)lbs. [From my notebook]:
 5 reps. @ (95)lbs.; 5 reps. @(115)lbs.; 3 reps. @(125)lbs.; 5 reps. @(125)lbs.; 5 reps. @(135)lbs.

Jump-rope work has improved a good bit: 
May 8th: (44) continuous jumps in a row, double-bounce between rope revolutions. HR pegged @ (172)bpm.
June 30th: (82) continuous, break/trip on rope, then on to (100). Still double-bounce between revolutions.
July 31st: (10) jumps, rest, (27) jumps, rest, (40) continuous jumps w/ single bounce between revolutions.

For me, that's really big. I was able to get the rope spinning faster and faster towards the end, with my elbows in and my wrists a little closer to my hips. I also discovered that to keep my breathing rhythm I had to exhale on landing, and inhale on lift-off. My earlier effort the last couple weeks with the single-bounce jumps had me flummoxed because I could not maintain a useful breathing rhythm. Also, practicing the jumps without the rope beforehand, to try and get the bounce rhythm was very useful. I soft of figured that out on my own, and my trainer has encouraged it. This effort is geared towards eventually executing Double-Unders, i.e. executing two revolutions of the rope between jumps. Still looks a little tricky, but I am getting there.


Thursday, July 05, 2012

CrossFit Parking Lot Workout

2012-07-05, Thursday

Today's plan calls for more CrossFit!!

I road my bike to the gym this morning [a round trip of (7.47) mi. today], so I could get warmed up heart-rate and leg muscle-wise. Instead of using the gym we worked out in a nearby, low traffic-flow parking lot. After warming up with leg swings (forward, and sideways), trunk twists, and arm-swings we got in a quick, short jog to the end of the lot and back.

And since the goal of my CrossFit training is to help improve my running form and speed, we worked on:
Agility Ladder
We didn't have an actual agility ladder type device, so we used the painted pedestrian stripes on the lot as if it was a ladder: We did High Knees and Butt-Kickers alternating at every cone that my trainer set out, which made up four or five zones. Then we worked on a Zig Zag Ladder pattern that required two (2) steps per "space" between the rungs. This also required me to go back and forth across the line sideways left, then right. Since it was my first time, I kinda' biffed a few steps here and there, and still owe six (6) Burpees for those missteps.

After getting in those agility exercises, I was tasked with running through the cones, starting out slowly, then accelerating at each cone, then finishing with an all-out effort past the last cone to the end of the lot. My first iteration was a little awkward: I misunderstood the directions and was alternating high knees and butt-kickers at each cone, while also trying to accelerate as I progressed. My second effort was focused solely on jogging through the cones while accelerating to an all-out effort after the last cone and off to the end of the lot. That effort went much, much better, and even when I started to slow down mid-way between the last cone and the end of the lot, when prompted by my trainer I was able to visibly accelerate all the way out. My Garmin Training Center data indicates I peaked at (8.8)mph, which is SpeedZone (8), i.e. Run Speed!!

Now I just gotta' keep up that effort, and work on sustaining it over longer periods.
Fuel: Pre-workout: 3-egg omelet w/ cheese and taco sauce, 1-pkt. Apple-Cinnamon Oatmeal; Mid-workout: water; Post-run: 1x glass Gatorade (Orange), 1x glass water.


Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Hot Diggity Easy Run in the Sun


Today's plan calls for a Speedwork Run, but I still need to get in that (2)mi. Easy Run that was on the books for yesterday, and that I was a little too tired to complete in the early evening after resting up from the earlier Easy Run in the sun.

DC Bike Path: 1/2 Marathon Training, Easy Run. Dist: (4.02)mi. Pace-avg: (16:47). Speed-avg: (3.4)mph. Speed-max: (4.6)mph. HR-avg: (142)bpm. Burned: (431) Calories.

Plan: Run (2.0)mi. @ an (18:16) pace for a total time of (36:32)min.
Actual: Run/walk (2.0)mi. @ a (16:47) average pace for a total time of (33:33.80)min., bracketed by a (1.0)mi. warm-up walk, and a (1.02)mi. cool-down walk.
Fuel: Pre-run: bowl of mixed fruit w/ plain yogurt; Mid-run: water; Post-run: (1x) glass Gatorade (Orange), and a late lunch of: reheated turkey spaghetti w/ black pepper and Parmesan cheese, green salad with cherry tomatoes, black pepper and red-wine vinegar dressing.
Splits: 16:27, 17:16
Starting Temperature: ~(86)deg.F.
Ending Temperature: Oh! My! God! [This is a guesstimate, but as of 1742 hrs. I'm reading (95)F outside.]
Today's mantra: Run to the shade! Run to the shade!

Today I slept in because I stayed up late vegging in front of the telly. It must have been because I was still dehydrated from the Tuesday run, but I was sure I was drinking water all day afterwards. I have noticed in the past that being poorly hydrated can prevent me from feeling sleepy. Then again, I should have just turned off the lights and the TV and gone to sleep.

Anyway, after dilly-dallying a bit (i.e. folding and putting away t-shirts and other clean clothes that I don't necessarily wear unless I'm working and, therefore, left draped over a chair for the last six months because most of my daily clothing is either tech fabric gym/running gear, or a pair of lounge-around-my-room-boxers) I braved the heat of the afternoon to finally get in that two miles I should have done Tuesday evening after it had cooled off considerably.

This time I kept my running kit to a minimum: short running shorts (not the track shorts), my white 2012 Bay to Breakers tech Tee with the ugly pink gorilla (at least it is very light-weight and breezy), running belt, and REI sun-cap (in Wombat) [it's not really a running hat, but it worked just fine].

Today's run included deliberate efforts to alternate running and walking every (0.25)mi. And since it felt so hot out today, i.e. essentially no breeze at all, I ended up having to hydrate every at every interval, too; so glad I did.

Now I gotta' work on cleaning up my desk, stretch out some more, and using my foam-roller so I can try and do another run, or maybe bike, this evening; and also so I'll be much less sore when I go to the gym tomorrow.

Other News: Damn! it's hot out.


Tuesday, July 03, 2012

(Not so) Easy Run in the Sun

Today's plan, Okay, yesterday's training plan, called for a three (3) mile Easy Run.

DC Bike Path: 1/2 Marathon Training, Easy Run. Dist: (5.52)mi. Pace-avg: (18:21). Speed-avg: (3.3)mph. Speed-max: (5.8)mph. HR-avg: (149)bpm. Burned: (592) Calories.

Plan: Run (3.0)mi. @ an (18:16) pace for a total time of (54:48)min.

Actual: Run/walk (3.0)mi. @ an avg. (18:21), bracketed by a (1.0)mi. warm-up jog, and a (1.53)mi. cool-down walk.
Fuel: Pre-run: 2x packets oatmeal (Maple & Brown Sugar), 1x cup coffee; Mid-run: noting (water); Post-run: 1x glass Gatorade (Orange), late lunch.
Starting temp: (80) deg.F.
Current temp: (86) deg.F.
Splits: (15:25), (18:54), (21:24)

I haven't gone running in a while, and had intended to go running early this morning, but after waking up at 0700 hrs., I felt like I needed a bit more rest: I spent Monday doing a CrossFit workout at the gym with my trainer in the morning, then went back in the evening for an energetic self-defense training session for an hour (different trainer); I was mighty pooped by the end of the day.
Bright sunny day in the park.
I hit the road at about 1330 hrs. and started with a jog to warm-up. Since I was wearing my compression gear, partly to act as a sunscreen, I was pretty warm already. I also left my running belt and water bottle at home to minimize the amount of stuff I was carrying; kind of a mistake all-around. I definitely should have skipped the compression gear and just slathered on sunscreen for better all around comfort. There were still plenty of people in the park: on foot, on bikes, and playing Frisbee golf. I never really knew Frisbee golf was so popular, but ever since I started running last year, I have seen plenty of people in the park playing it.

The further I got into the park the warmer I got. I ended up alternating walking and running quite often, and irregularly. I made sure to use the drinking fountains at every opportunity, and that saved me. On the return leg, since I was so warm and fearing sun-burn on my ears and neck, I lifted my running t-shirt up onto my head and let it drape down my neck and back, and secured it in place with my running hat.
Improvised sun-screen for my neck and ears.
At least I survived today's run in the park, and will be working more regular running sessions back into my training.

Other News: Self-defense class is still totally awesome!

Vomit Threshold Revisited


Today's plan is for a CrossFit session with my trainer at the gym. I woke up on-time, blended a whey protein shake with non-fat milk, bananas, strawberries and honey, then got dressed in my compression gear as a base, with running shorts and t-shirt on top. I rode (3.44)mi. to the gym in (20)min., and rode (3.78)mi. back home in (23)min. after my workout.

My CrossFit workout went like this:
Warm-up Stretching
Arm Rotations, Leg Swings, Russian Baby-makers (aka Boot-strappers), Circoia(sp?) [Greek? walking side-scissor hip rotations], (Superman) Bounding, High Knees (fwd/reverse), Butt-kickers (fwd/reverse)
And we finished off with Frog Leaps. I still gotta' work on these: My form is a bit off, apparently. I'm not getting enough forward lean and extension so my hips aren't opening up quite enough (I think). I'll have to take pictures or video my workout so I can see what I am, or am not, doing.

Next we moved upstairs to work on Tabata drills, in this case (6) rounds of (20)sec. active, (10)sec. rest.
Tabata Drills:
Jump Pull-ups: Front Grip: 16, 12, 13, 18
Jump Pull-ups: Reverse Grip: 11, 9

Those jumping pull-ups really worked my arms, shoulders and upper chest, and I really felt it during the push-ups. *whew*

Tabata Drills:
Push-ups: 10, 7, 7, 6, 7, 7 (knee push-ups)
Sit-ups: 9, 10, 11, 10, 10, 15
Air Squats: canceled due to nausea

And that's where I rediscovered my vomit threshold: Right -at-, but not over. :-)


Thursday, June 21, 2012

Fajita Thursday!

Tonight I made Chicken Fajitas. I haven't made them in a while, and was really craving them.

The (almost) end result.

 Here's how the prep and cook progressed.

First, thaw out and cook the chicken.

Almost half-way there...

Looks done now.

Slicing up the peppers, red, green and yellow.

Sauté those veggies (peppers and sliced yellow onion)!

Slicing up the cooked chicken breast.

My secret weapon.

Chicken has been fajita-sized, spice-wise...

The veggies have joined the chicken.

Heating up the refried frijoles.

Wrap it in a tortilla, with a side of beans, cheese and taco sauce.

Profile view of the plate.

And conclude dinner with a nice green salad with croutons, black pepper, and thousand island dressing.

Wow! That was good. I still have left-overs for tomorrow, even. Too bad I didn't have a dinner date for whom to cook, 'cuz she would have been totally impressed. :-)


Monday, June 18, 2012

Rockin' Monday!!


CrossFit Endurance:
Got up late after about (4) hours of sleep. Chugged a protein shake (blended w/ banana, blueberries and honey), slathered on some sunscreen, then got out the door to meet my trainer at a local high school track for our CrossFit session today. I was expecting the temps to be hotter already, but there was a nice breeze to help keep it cool.

Warmed up running one (1) lap around the dirt track in (3:18)min. Then we did (10) Push-ups, (15) Sit-ups (Butterfly legs), and (20) Air Squats, followed by a (35) yd. sprint, and (35) yd. jog back.

Next up was exercises using a wooden dowel: (10) Good Mornings, (15) Push Presses, (20) Overhead Squats, followed by another (35)yd. sprint, then (35) yd. jog back. We followed this with another lap around the track completed in (3:04)min.

Back to the playground: Parallel Bars: I had a hard time just keeping myself hoisted up on the bars, and couldn't "walk" myself down the bars. Monkey Bars: Again, I had a hard time on these. Just trying to hold myself up on the bars was a challenge. Trying to swing, or even just shift hands bar to bar, was a little too much. I cheated a little and did it on tip-toes, just because I was tall enough to manage it. :-) It still made my hands hurt.

Back off the playground we did repeats of High-Knees and Butt-Kickers forward, and then in reverse for both. This was followed by another lap around the track in [Can't find another lap till the final 2 laps.] More running drills/sprints @ (40)yds., 3-4 repeats, then stretches, followed by Shot-Put exercises with a concrete cinder-block. Trying to keep the block balanced, step forward, and throw was a challenge; I haven't tried anything like it in a while, though we did do something similar with a medicine ball a few weeks back, I think.

Almost done: Run two (2) laps around the track in (6:30)min. I checked my Garmin and it was almost right on at (6:30.37)min. I alternated running the straights and walking the curves.

The last drills were:
Dumb-bell Push Presses: (15) reps. @ (15)lbs. ea.;
Dumb-bell Biceps Curls: (15) reps. alternating @ (15)lbs. ea. side.

Duration: (1:07)hrs.

Drove home and had lunch: (2) slices combo pizza, big green salad w/ sliced Roma tomatoes, black pepper, croutons, and Thousand Island Dressing. This was followed by about (4) hours of intermittent napping so I'd have enough energy for...

Today was my second session in a self-defense class held at my local gym. The self-defense form is a variety of Combatives derived from methods taught by Col. Rex Applegate and Lt.Col. William Fairbairn. The methods emphasize the use of gross-motor skills over fine-motor skills, and concepts rather than techniques, which can be more adaptable in the moment.

We started out with some "combat conditioning" to get the cardio started: Push-ups, Hindu Squats (on your toes, heels off the floor), Elevators (leg lifts, then thrust legs upwards, and back down, repeat):
Push-ups: (24) on knees, kinda' sloppy;
Hindu Squats: (50), and wowzers, my legs felt that;
Elevators: (15) just barely eked out those. *woof*

Once we completed these exercises we moved onto cycling attacks: One person wears a padded glove and holds it out as a target to be struck. We had to get one hand behind the glove and use the opposite hand to strike multiple times at the padded surface, shuffling forward with each strike, then grabbing the glove with both hands and jerking the "target" towards and then past us. This was followed up by a refresher from the previous weeks defense and attack methods. Still looking forward to more in the future.

Strength Training:
And that training was followed by a quick, solo one round circuit workout:

Hammer Strength Machines:
Iso-Front Military Press: (8) reps @ (35)lbs. ea. side;

Iso-Lateral High Row: (12) reps. @ (45)lbs. ea. side;

Iso-Pulldown: (15) reps. @ (45)lbs. ea. side;
Iso-Row: (10) reps. @ (45)lbs. ea. side, horizontal grip;
               (10) reps. @ (45)lbs. ea. side, vertical grip.

LifeFitness Machines:
Leg Extension: (10) reps. @ (130)lbs.
Seated Leg Curl: (12) reps. @ (130)lbs.

Drove back home, fed the cat, then had dinner: three (3) slices cold combo pizza, big green salad w/ sliced Roma tomatoes, croutons, black pepper, and Thousand Island Dressing.


Sunday, June 03, 2012

Sunday Long Run

Today's plan calls for a ten (10) mi. Long Run.

DC Bike Path: 1/2 Marathon Training, 10mi. Long Run. Dist: (10.50)mi. Pace-avg: (17:37). Speed-avg: (3.4)mph. Speed-max: (5.3)mph. HR-avg: (142)bpm. Burned: (1110) Calories.

Plan: Run (10)mi. @ an (18:38) pace for a total time of (3:06:25)hrs.
Actual: Run/walk (9.16)mi. @ a (17:38) avg. pace for a total time of (2:41:39.36)hrs. , bracketed by a (1.0)mi. warm-up walk, and a (0.35)mi. cool-down walk.
Fuel: Pre-run: Shot Bloks (Orange); Mid-run: Sport Beans (Grape); Post-run: (1x) glass Chocolate Milk, Spaghetti, Fruit Salad w/ plain Greek yogurt.

Pre-run weight: (204.6)lbs.
Post-run weight: (202.4)lbs.

Looks like someone started a fire in the park overnight.

One of the fire support trucks leaving the park.

Moon rise.


Tuesday, May 08, 2012

CrossFit Update

Wednesday, 2012-05-02 Session #8
Having trouble remembering this workout (1) week later, but it was hard enough to keep me gasping for air.
Duration: (1)hr., (11)min. Avg. HR: (145)bpm, Max HR: (172)bpm. Burned: (235) Calories (estimated).

Friday, 2012-05-04 Session #9
We started out running over to the nearby church and practiced running in their parking lot.
CrossFit Running: Bounding, Sprints, Backpedaling, Supine to Knees to Sprints, Push-ups off the vehicle barrier.
Strength Training: Crunches on an exercise ball (65cm), Squat-Jumps w/ Medicine Ball Pushes, Planks (Forearms and Toes).

Tuesday, 2012-05-08 Session #10
Today I brought a notebook to log at least some of my CrossFit, and solo workout.
Breakfast: (1x) Raisin Bran muffin, (1x) cup coffee w/ milk and sugar.

Cycle (3.56)mi. to MCR in (20:55.93)min.
CrossFit: Duration: (56:36)min. Avg. HR: (148)bpm. Max HR: (182)bpm. Burned: (183) Calories.
Stretching legs and arms. Practice using foam roller on calves, hamstrings, quads, and inner thighs. My trainer emphasized that I need to use the roller for at least (2) continuous minutes for it to have a noticeable effect.

Wall Pushes (running in place with hands on the wall) emphasizing open hips and lifting those feet: (12)min. total.
Bench Presses (w/ straight bar on weight bench): 4x sets of diff reps.: 12, 10, 8, 10.
Squats (using squat rack): 3x (12) reps. same weight

Solo Workout:
Cybex Ab Crunch: 10x reps. @ (90)lbs.; 10x reps. @ (110)lbs.; 3x reps. @ (120)lbs. w/ lap-belt.
Cybex Back Extension: 10x reps. @ (100)lbs.; 10x reps. @ (110)lbs. w/ lap-belt.

Air Rows (seated): 20x reps., 10x reps., 10x reps.
Supine Straight-Leg Lifts: 10x reps.
Supine Lower Ab Curls (Legs Vertical): 3x (10) reps.
Plank (Forearms and Toes): 1x (60)sec.
Jump Rope: (44) jumps continuous; HR: (172) bpm.

After all that, I was shaking a little. So I drank more water, consumed (1x) PowerBar Gel (Strawberry-Banana), and then drank more water.

Cycle from MCR to World of Wheels, then to On The Run, then home. Dist: (10.85)mi. in (1:10:46.47)hrs.

Burned: (1071) Calories with the above activities.

Lunch: (1x) glass Gatorade (Orange, from powdered); (1x) small bowl of steamed white rice w/ left over Trader Joe's Sweet'n'Sour Chicken; (1x) sandwich (Turkey, Turkey bacon, Pepperjack cheese, tomatoes on toasted wheat bread).

Once I got showered and cleaned up, I got into my compression tights and top, got my legs elevated, and tried to talk myself into going to the track for a workout with the Shadow Chase Running Group; I did not succeed. I think I already had too much fun for one day, and needed to save some for tomorrow. *oof!*


Sunday, May 06, 2012

Race Report: Peace Officer Memorial Foot Pursuit (5K)

Today's plan calls for a (5K) Run as part of the Peace Officer Memorial Foot Pursuit which was held in my running park.
Plan: Run (5K) in (30)min.
Actual: Run/walk (5K) @ an avg. (13:05) overall pace, for a total time of (40:53.37)min. Garmin-time. A new PR!
Fuel: Pre-run: Clif ShotBloks (Orange); Mid-run: water; Post-run: (3x) slices Pepperoni pizza, (1x) bottle water, (1x) can Mountain Dew.

Splits: Mile (1): (11:43); Mile (2): (14:07); Mile (3): (13:50); Mile (0.13): (9:41).

I saw this race listed on the ShadowChase web-site and meant to sign up sooner, but race-day registration still works. Since this race was held in my local runnin' park I commuted to the event via zapato-mobile. I ate one sleeve of Clif ShotBloks energy chews for breakfast and once I was out the door I jog/walked to the starting line as a warm up.

This year's race had (183) registered runners. I don't know how many years this race has been held, but the announcer said the first year had only (6) runners. Later this year the 1st Annual Peace Officer Memorial Foot Pursuit Half-Marathon will be held downtown; I believe I will sign up for that one today.

Once I got checked in I received my bib, #527, a left-over from the 2011 Surgical Artistry Modesto Marathon and Half. The (1) Mile event started before the (5K/10K) event. The chose the (5K) since I have not run since a post-half-marathon (5K) in the park back on March 28th. The race started at 10:30AM, though my Garmin says I started my timer at 10:28AM.

I started out pretty quick. I was trying to see how long I could maintain a (10:00)min./mi. pace. My CrossFit training has definitely helped, and I was able to keep up an alternating (2:00-3:00)min. run, (1:00)min. walk pace throughout the (5K). I was aiming for a (30:00)min. completion time, but was happy to get a time of (40:53)min. (official). One of the more annoying things I noticed with my new running form is how much my water bottle bounces in my hydration/fuel belt. I think it may be time to switch to a new belt with less stretch in it, and more, smaller, flasks on it.

I didn't take my camera today, so I have no new race-day photography. However, since the last time I went running I attended a Heel Pain class at Kaiser, and a podiatrist recommended metatarsal pads to help alleviate the pain in my left forefoot.

Hapad metatarsal felt pads in place in both shoes.

I will update this post later when I have my "official race time."

UPDATE: Official (5K) time: (40:53)min.


Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Yosemite Redux! - Hikin' the Mist Trail

Saturday, 2012-04-28

Good morning!

I woke up after 8:00am and already had a head-ache. I think I slept head-down on a slight angle without realizing it. The wine might have contributed, too. Breakfast was eggs with leftovers from last night: steak, potatoes, and squash.; very good.

Breakfast up!

Morning light.

Now you see 'em...

...Now you don't.

Re-packing my pack. Trying to stick to the "essentials" on this hike.

Packed up and ready to roll. Rendezvous at Ansel Adams Gallery this afternoon.

Gone Hikin'!

Once the car was packed up, S.- went in search of some photographic scenery and some writing time, while I engaged in my "training hike" up the Mist Trail to the top of Vernal Falls, then onward to the John Muir Trail, and back down to the bus-stop for a ride to the gallery.

Launch point: Needed some open sky to start my Garmin.
Looks like I am on the right path.

Vernal Falls Footbridge, we meet again.

If you have walked this trail before you know how steep it is. I had to stop a couple of times to catch my breath before I got to the bridge, then decided to take an extended break here and top off my Camelbak water bladder, eat some fruit, then press on.

It's just not a rest-break without a photo-op.

The intrepid adventurer takes a break. Sepia tone is cool.

The Mist Trail, actually misty today.

My boots are taking in the scenery.
Actually, the boots, my trekking poles, and I were waiting for the traffic-jam to clear a bit. I purchased a set of Leki curved rubber caps for my 'poles, and they worked far better than the rounded ones that were included with the poles. Last year, I left the original rubber caps on, and over the course of hiking up to the base of the Quarter Dome, and back down the JMT, I had completely worn through the base of the caps.

That's the traffic jam up the trail: Lots of people hiking up, and stumbling down.

View of Vernal Falls (middle), and Nevada Falls (top) from Glacier Point. Courtesy of S.-

The mist is in the air...
Standing water on the trail (in many places).

Woo-Hoo! I made it to the top, again. This time it was all self-motivation.
Once I had rested up for something like (40)min. (ate something, napped a little, tried to decide if I really was going to barf this time from the exertion) I moved on up the trail. I had to find the linking trail from the top of Vernal to the John Muir Trail, which I already knew was above me and to the south of the Nevada Falls. I just wasn't sure where the path was, since we had bypassed that section on the hike last year, and it did not seem to be obviously marked.

Once I found an upward-running trail, I followed it. Several people I asked did not know if it connected to the JMT, or where it went, so I trusted my direction of travel to get me there anyway. A couple of people even asked me, and I told them I was not sure, but believed that it would get us there; they gave up in frustration after a few upward switchbacks.

Looking back down into the valley. The Merced River is in the middle.

Vista point! Vernal Falls from the linking trail up to the JMT.

Nevada Falls from the link-up point with the JMT. (Clark Point, elev. 5400 ft.?)

USGS Marker: "U.S. Geological Survey B.M. 250 Dollars Fine for Disturbing this Mark, 10-18-1905."

Signage at the intersection. Signage (c) The Yosemite Fund?



Um... Is this the road to Mirkwood Forest?
A lonely patch of snow hiding out in the curve of the trail. (It's shady in the morning...)
I'm close to the river again! The footbridge must be close now.

Back across the bridge and into the final stretch.
Illilouette Fall across the valley. The clouds are covering the valley again.
Back at the trail sign!! The end is near.
On the bus! Time: 1810-hrs. (6:10PM). Only (70)min. overdue for rendezvous with S.-. *sigh*
Through the trees: Upper Yosemite Falls. Only minutes more to the Ansel Adams Gallery.
I finally got back down to the bus stop (Stop #16-Happy Isles on the bus loop map) at about 1800 hrs. (6:00PM), an hour late for the secondary rendezvous time. D'oh! I arrived at the Ansel Adams Gallery and S.- was still patiently waiting on a bench across from the gallery, reading a book. I sat down for a couple of minutes, apologized, and recapped my adventure hike, then we advanced back to the car to leave the park.

At this time we were both cold, tired and hungry, and Clif Bars did not sound appealing. Once we were out of the park we proceeded immediately to The Happy Burger Diner in Mariposa. I nodded off at some point during the drive, but S.- was at the wheel and we arrived promptly after dark. Our meals were very satisfying, and I even had a cup of coffee to try and stay awake for the rest of the trip back to Merced. I still nodded off a little near Merced. Tired as I was, I actually remained awake the entire drive back to Modesto. Boy was I tired. What a great weekend!

Time to Vernal Falls Footbridge: (1.00)hr.
Rest-time at Footbridge: (44)min.
Time to top of Vernal Falls: (58)min.
Rest-time at top of Vernal: (41)min.
Time back to the footbridge via JMT: (1:33+)hrs. [Garmin battery died before I hit the bridge again.]
Total Recoded Time, Trail Head Parking Lot to Garmin Died Point: (5:00:03.96)hrs.
Actual total trail time: (6:00+)hrs.