Tuesday, May 08, 2012

CrossFit Update

Wednesday, 2012-05-02 Session #8
Having trouble remembering this workout (1) week later, but it was hard enough to keep me gasping for air.
Duration: (1)hr., (11)min. Avg. HR: (145)bpm, Max HR: (172)bpm. Burned: (235) Calories (estimated).

Friday, 2012-05-04 Session #9
We started out running over to the nearby church and practiced running in their parking lot.
CrossFit Running: Bounding, Sprints, Backpedaling, Supine to Knees to Sprints, Push-ups off the vehicle barrier.
Strength Training: Crunches on an exercise ball (65cm), Squat-Jumps w/ Medicine Ball Pushes, Planks (Forearms and Toes).

Tuesday, 2012-05-08 Session #10
Today I brought a notebook to log at least some of my CrossFit, and solo workout.
Breakfast: (1x) Raisin Bran muffin, (1x) cup coffee w/ milk and sugar.

Cycle (3.56)mi. to MCR in (20:55.93)min.
CrossFit: Duration: (56:36)min. Avg. HR: (148)bpm. Max HR: (182)bpm. Burned: (183) Calories.
Stretching legs and arms. Practice using foam roller on calves, hamstrings, quads, and inner thighs. My trainer emphasized that I need to use the roller for at least (2) continuous minutes for it to have a noticeable effect.

Wall Pushes (running in place with hands on the wall) emphasizing open hips and lifting those feet: (12)min. total.
Bench Presses (w/ straight bar on weight bench): 4x sets of diff reps.: 12, 10, 8, 10.
Squats (using squat rack): 3x (12) reps. same weight

Solo Workout:
Cybex Ab Crunch: 10x reps. @ (90)lbs.; 10x reps. @ (110)lbs.; 3x reps. @ (120)lbs. w/ lap-belt.
Cybex Back Extension: 10x reps. @ (100)lbs.; 10x reps. @ (110)lbs. w/ lap-belt.

Air Rows (seated): 20x reps., 10x reps., 10x reps.
Supine Straight-Leg Lifts: 10x reps.
Supine Lower Ab Curls (Legs Vertical): 3x (10) reps.
Plank (Forearms and Toes): 1x (60)sec.
Jump Rope: (44) jumps continuous; HR: (172) bpm.

After all that, I was shaking a little. So I drank more water, consumed (1x) PowerBar Gel (Strawberry-Banana), and then drank more water.

Cycle from MCR to World of Wheels, then to On The Run, then home. Dist: (10.85)mi. in (1:10:46.47)hrs.

Burned: (1071) Calories with the above activities.

Lunch: (1x) glass Gatorade (Orange, from powdered); (1x) small bowl of steamed white rice w/ left over Trader Joe's Sweet'n'Sour Chicken; (1x) sandwich (Turkey, Turkey bacon, Pepperjack cheese, tomatoes on toasted wheat bread).

Once I got showered and cleaned up, I got into my compression tights and top, got my legs elevated, and tried to talk myself into going to the track for a workout with the Shadow Chase Running Group; I did not succeed. I think I already had too much fun for one day, and needed to save some for tomorrow. *oof!*


Sunday, May 06, 2012

Race Report: Peace Officer Memorial Foot Pursuit (5K)

Today's plan calls for a (5K) Run as part of the Peace Officer Memorial Foot Pursuit which was held in my running park.
Plan: Run (5K) in (30)min.
Actual: Run/walk (5K) @ an avg. (13:05) overall pace, for a total time of (40:53.37)min. Garmin-time. A new PR!
Fuel: Pre-run: Clif ShotBloks (Orange); Mid-run: water; Post-run: (3x) slices Pepperoni pizza, (1x) bottle water, (1x) can Mountain Dew.

Splits: Mile (1): (11:43); Mile (2): (14:07); Mile (3): (13:50); Mile (0.13): (9:41).

I saw this race listed on the ShadowChase web-site and meant to sign up sooner, but race-day registration still works. Since this race was held in my local runnin' park I commuted to the event via zapato-mobile. I ate one sleeve of Clif ShotBloks energy chews for breakfast and once I was out the door I jog/walked to the starting line as a warm up.

This year's race had (183) registered runners. I don't know how many years this race has been held, but the announcer said the first year had only (6) runners. Later this year the 1st Annual Peace Officer Memorial Foot Pursuit Half-Marathon will be held downtown; I believe I will sign up for that one today.

Once I got checked in I received my bib, #527, a left-over from the 2011 Surgical Artistry Modesto Marathon and Half. The (1) Mile event started before the (5K/10K) event. The chose the (5K) since I have not run since a post-half-marathon (5K) in the park back on March 28th. The race started at 10:30AM, though my Garmin says I started my timer at 10:28AM.

I started out pretty quick. I was trying to see how long I could maintain a (10:00)min./mi. pace. My CrossFit training has definitely helped, and I was able to keep up an alternating (2:00-3:00)min. run, (1:00)min. walk pace throughout the (5K). I was aiming for a (30:00)min. completion time, but was happy to get a time of (40:53)min. (official). One of the more annoying things I noticed with my new running form is how much my water bottle bounces in my hydration/fuel belt. I think it may be time to switch to a new belt with less stretch in it, and more, smaller, flasks on it.

I didn't take my camera today, so I have no new race-day photography. However, since the last time I went running I attended a Heel Pain class at Kaiser, and a podiatrist recommended metatarsal pads to help alleviate the pain in my left forefoot.

Hapad metatarsal felt pads in place in both shoes.

I will update this post later when I have my "official race time."

UPDATE: Official (5K) time: (40:53)min.