Saturday, January 19, 2008

Oy! What a week!

Monday - Jan. 14

It's tough to be the new guy again! Spent Wed. through Friday nights training at my new post. Worked my full shift Saturday and Sunday, 8am-4pm. What a schlep! I haven't done this much walking in a very, very long time. The good thing is that I'm getting plenty of exercise, even without a gym. :-)

[Sunday night I went out to see what night-life was available on a Sunday evening. Mostly slow. Did manage to run into an old friend at Mission Ale House. Caught up a little and scored a free drink. That was cool.]

Took myself out to dinner at La Victoria. What a treat! I dearly missed their Super Nachos con Carne Asada. This time I didn't ask for jalapenos, but their house hot-sauce certainly made up for it. Great stuff.

Tuesday - Jan. 15

Fire alarm went off around 3.30pm today, much to everyone's annoyance. I took the time to go speak to the Dept. Chair for Linguistics. I explained my academic situation and my desire to graduate this semester, and how repeating my past coursework would be holding me back. My argument was not persuasive, but she said she would think about it and let me know Thursday. *ugh* Spent the rest of the day in distress over that.

More stress was added when I checked my student account and found that I have got an Academic Progress Hold on my Financial Aid(!). My whole semester plan was revolving around actually getting said Fin.Aid. so I could actually pay for school. Some of that money is in the form of grants, which I can't afford to pass up. It's looking like this semester may not happen after all...

Another dumb-ass set off the fire alarm again that evening, around 6.30-ish. Found out later that both alarms were caused by grease-fires. *sigh* If you can't cook, don't use the kitchen!! The elevators were still in "fire" mode when we were allowed back into the building, so I hiked up seven floors to my room. More exercise.

Wednesday - Jan. 16

Spoke to the Foreign Language Dept. Chair today regarding my Minor in German. She felt the completed coursework was too old to count (about 12 years old). *gah* She suggested I go to the Language Lab next week and take the placement tests. If I can pass those, then she may sign off on the -already- completed coursework. By the way, I had my Minor signed off twice(!) already: the second time was in 1995, by my German advisor, who is still with SJSU, but is on sabbatical this semester. *grrr*

My last check from the Stockton office of my employer FINALLY arrived. Mom sent it last week and it took FOREVER! I was getting seriously worried about my spending money.

I spoke to the Financial Aid office and the Fin.Aid. hold just showed up because they had to wait for grades to be posted. I explained I was not enrolled the previous semester, or the previous year. The hold is based on two (2) classes from Spring 2004 that I did not finish due to depression issues. And the petition is due Friday, because Monday (the actual due-date) is a holiday. So I need a note from my doctor to help me document and challenge the hold on my aid.

Decided after about 6pm to go home for a couple days, talk to Mom and do some laundry. The computerized system for adding money to my student ID card was not cooperating, so I couldn't do laundry in the dorm facilities. Taking it home to Mom's is the next best thing; I do my own laundry anyway. ;-)

Thursday - Jan. 17

The doctor's note did not arrive in the mail yet. Disappointed. Tried to find the psychologist I was seeing in 2004, no luck. He's no longer at the offices he once used. I can't find him in my current Palm Pilot history, and I can't find the back-ups of my old Palm Pilot (when I was using the Mac version of the software and a much older Palm system).

The Linguistics Dept. Chair called me this morning and left a message saying she would sign off on waiving my old (already completed) coursework. JOY!!

Installed the CPU and heat-sink on the motherboard of the computer system I was building my mother at Christmas. The heat-sink is too tall to fit back in the case. *sigh* Now I need to find a new case that I can install everything into. That'll have to wait till later.

Went out to dinner with Mom at Perko's. She had the Chicken Parmesan; it was ok. I had the Thai Chicken Wrap; it was great! Messy, but delicious.

Friday - Jan. 18

Doctor's note has still not arrived as of 12.30pm. I call the Financial Aid office again. A different person tells me I can still turn-in my petition next week. That's a relief. The note finally arrives about 2.00pm. I open it, and am a little disappointed: It's a note on a prescription paper. Hrm. The doctor's info seems to differ from mine, so I call him and he says he will check into it further and send another note. *do I really deserve this?*

Headed back to San Jose feeling much more relieved about being able to finish school this semester. Got lots of (much needed!) hugs from Mom.

Ironed some clothes, checked my email and went to bed.

Guess if I had this to do over again, I would have started the process a year ahead of time and been better prepared for it over all.