Monday, June 06, 2011

First Marathon, Can't Decide

Running veterans, please help me decide:

OK. I can't decide between these two (2) marathons: Las Vegas on Dec. 4th, 2012; or the California International Marathon in Sacramento on that same day. Fees for Las Vegas are now $165.00, and include a tech tee shirt, plus more; and the fees for the CIM are $105.00 and include some swag, including a t-shirt, I believe. Las Vegas is supposed to be a flat run on city streets with a start and finish near each other; CIM is supposed to be a net down-hill run with rolling hills that starts in Folsom and ends at the state capitol building in Sacto (this requires a bus ride to the starting line).

I need to make a decision by the end of the week at the latest, but don't want to commit too quickly because there are no refunds. Vegas is cool, I've been there twice now, and my brother is planning to have his 40th birthday there. Going to Vegas for the marathon a week after that would require at least one to two days to acclimate to the altitude. Hrm. LV is only (2000) feet above sea level. Maybe I won't need that much acclimation, after all. But I will still need to start a training plan soon. And, I want to get in a 1/2 Marathon before December. Depending on how well I train up for this, maybe I can even get in a full marathon before December...

This is re-posted from from the National Running Day posts of Sweaty Emily and Hopelessly Ungraceful:

1.) What is your favorite distance to run?
So far, I am still doing the walk/jog, repeat, routine, and it is about (5.5) miles from my house to the drinking fountain and back.

2.) What is the best race you ever did?
That is still the Centennial Bay to Breakers this past May 15th, 2011. Finish time: (1:58:17).
Official Results
I still can't find my finishing time info from the 1984 Bay to Breakers, so this will have to do. And, this was after only six (6) weeks of running training, about five (5) months of cardio-strength training at the gym, and twenty (20) years of smoking.
3.) What is your favorite running attire?
My Nike running shorts (9-in. inseam), and my blue New Balance 1/4 zip pull-over.
Running Attire

4.) What is your favorite running gear?
That's a toss-up between my Garmin Forerunner 305, my new iPod Shuffle (2GB), and my new polarized running shades (that keep the rain, wind and bugs out of my eyes). I suppose my Garmin takes the lead: Without it I would have no idea how far I've gone, or how many calories I'm burning during my workouts.

5.) Biggest running accomplishment ever?
See #2 above.

6.) Favorite thing to eat after a run?
Dinner. Although a Snickers sounds really good. A Clif Peanut Butter Crunch bar is, in fact, very good after a run or gym or workout. I need to re-stock those.

[The Scottish Highland Games in Modesto were canceled today due to rain. Rats. :-/  ]


Sunday, June 05, 2011

Rainy Day Runner

As you know, I have been utterly slack about running the last two (2) weeks. And since I have been pretty restless the last few days I finally went out for a run:

DC Bike Path: Walk/Jog, repeat (3x). Distance: (5.37)mi. Pace-avg: (15:47)min./mi. Speed-avg: (3.8)mph. Speed-max: (6.1)mph. Burned: (664) Calories.

It has been raining here in Modesto the last few days. When I left the house for my run, it was not raining. On the way back in, however, it was raining pretty good. For today's run I used my new Nike compression shorts (which were pretty great once I got moving in them) and my new Nike running pants. I really wish I had both of those for the Bay to Breakers. The pants really did keep the chill away, but the humidity before the rain kept it from being really cold. It's been between (61)-(63) deg.F. today. so not really that cold by Mid-West, or East Coast, standards.

I also used my new iPod Shuffle, which is loaded with only Techno-Trance-Dance music for now. Trance while running in the rain on the way back just gave the day a magical feel; I can't wait for more. B-)  Although, maybe I should get some proper rainy day running gear. I'll have to see if Fleet Feet or REI has any in stock, now that it is spring/summer.

More later.