Friday, April 27, 2012

Oof! CrossFit#7

Friday, 2012-04-27

Survived CrossFit session #7 with only a few hours sleep; somewhere between (2-3.5)hrs., I think. I just couldn't stay asleep last night. Not sure why.

Anyway: Ran (0.25)mi. @ (10:04) pace for a total time of (2:30.69)min. Now, if I can only sustain that over longer distances and times. :-)  I did this after some initial stretching and as a warm-up.

My trainers brother helped with tips on Figure (4) Pose Running form, and practice tips.

Managed the following with a (35)lb. Kettle-bell: (8), (8), (9), (7) swings. Woof!

Planks (toes and elbows): (42) sec., (28)sec., (31)sec.
Push-ups: (10)
Sit-ups (straight-legged): (10)
Squats (w/ PVC bar): (10)
Sled-drive (empty): (4) reps., there and back.

Looking forward to a couple days off to recover.


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Mucho gusto! CrossFit #6

Wednesday, 2012-04-25

Today I completed CrossFit session numero seis (6). It was a really good workout, and I had to stop several times to catch my breath; only a few belches tonight.

Stretched out and warmed up a little.

Jump rope: (55) total, with errors at #7 and #19, then continuous to (55).
Running "laps" (3x) end-to-end-to-end on the racquetball court, Bounding, Knee-ups, Reverse Butt-kickers.

Push-ups: 3x (10)reps.
Sit-ups (straight-leg): 3x (10)reps.
Planks (toes and elbows): 3x (20)+ sec.

Weight-carry: Walk about (50) ft. there, then return, carrying 2x (35)lb. dumb-bells.
Leg Press: 3x (10)reps. @ (180)+lbs. [180 lbs. or weights, plus whatever the press foot-plate weighs.]
Dips: Hold myself in place for (20)+ sec. 3x. [I couldn't actually push myself up, but was able to jump up and hold.]

Thrusters: (5) reps, then 2x (10)reps. w/ (2) (15)lb. dumb-bells. [Thrusters: Squat with dumb-bells on shoulders, then press the 'bells at the top of the squat; repeat.]

I used the pool for about (20) minutes tonight, which is the first time I have used it since I started at this gym over a year ago. The Speedo swim goggles I bought did not seem to be nearly as water-tight as expected; I may have to return them. I will try using the pool again, tomorrow, with another pair of dark-tinted goggles I bought (4) years ago, and see if those are any better. I mainly just laid on my back and kicked back and forth across the length of the pool. Then I spent some time just treading water with arms and legs in the deep end, and also practiced a survival float face-up with my back arched. I think that last bit might have made me dizzy, or maybe it was the motion in the pool making me nauseous.