Thursday, June 02, 2011

Embracing the slack

Okay. As you can see by the lack of recent posts I have been embracing the slack for far too long. I finally got an influx of cash and went shopping Wednesday for more sports kit. Specifically, I bought a new (inexpensive) pair of polarized shades and an Adidas running cap  at Dick's Sporting Goods); and a pair of Nike running pants and a pair of Nike Combat Pro compression shorts to wear under said running pants at Sports Authority. As you runners already know, running shorts include a pair of briefs already sewn into the shorts, so you don't have to wear underpants with the shorts. Now I feel I can get out and run in the chillier weather we've been having lately. The warm temperature tease of a couple weeks past was just that, a tease. :-/

I also stopped at Target and bought a(nother) replacement watch. I really need to get in touch with the manufacturer about replacement wristbands for the two (2) previous watches. The strap is about (28)mm wide, an uncommon size in stores, but I have found some online. Maybe I should just place an order and see if it works out better than the original wristbands. Now, at least, my wrist does not feel naked when I'm not wearing my Garmin... And I decided to finally splurge on an Apple iPod Shuffle, so I can just clip my iPod onto my running clothes and take a small part of my music library with me for my workouts, i.e. Techno, Trance and Dance, and leave the rest behind. Plus, it was on sale for $46.00, usually it's $49.99, or so.

While browsing at Dick's I also decided to buy a compass. When I was in the Boy Scouts of America, forever long ago, I always had my compass with me for our camping trips. I don't know what happened to it after I left the Scouts. Maybe I lost it, maybe it got handed off to another Scout in need; I don't recall. At any rate, I now have a replacement so the next time I go hiking around Pinecrest Lake I'll have my trusty Silva compass with me. B-) That also reminds me that maybe I should buy one of those fanny packs that also carries two (2) water bottles. That would be better than lugging along a day-pack with 1.5L bottles and whatever lunch type items I throw in with them.

One of the things I also found at Dick's was an old fashioned military-style canteen, complete with web-belt. The canteen is aluminum with a felt snap on cover. I used to have a canteen like this that belonged to my dad when he was in the National Guard. I used it a few times on scout camping trips and the thing I remember best about it was how much cooler it kept the water inside, compared to the plastic ones I used after it. The plastic canteens always warmed up, which warmed up the water inside. Warm water is not ideal during/after a long, hot, sweaty hike in the boonies. Maybe I will get two (2) of those canteens, instead, for my next hiking trip around the lake.

And I can finally take my car in to get the timing belt replaced before it breaks and causes a catastrophic failure in the engine compartment. That would suck. And cost a helluva lot more money.

The Modesto Scottish Highland games will be in Tuolumne Park on Saturday! I haven't been to the local Highland games in years and years. I'm looking forward to attending. Now if only my kilt still fit me... But I'm working on that already. ;-)