Friday, May 06, 2011

Friday Funday

Since I'm a recovering slacker, I worked out twice today. First at the gym:

MCR: Stationary Bike: (3.77)miles. Burned: (99) Calories. Weight Machines: for legs and abs. Almost wanted to ralf.

Then in the park: 
DC Bike Path: Cycling. (8.83) miles. Pace-avg: (5:28)min./mi. Burned: (504) Calories.

It feels good to get this much exercise for a change. I have been woefully slack about using the gym the last couple weeks. I warmed up on the upright Stationary Bike for (13) minutes to try and get my knees loosened up and my heart going. I used the Leg Curl machine at the gym for the first time ever, and pulled a muscle in my left rib-cage area using only (40) pounds of weight in the process. I managed (2x) sets of 10-15 reps each. Next time I use it, I will go with the lowest weight, (20) pounds, I believe. The pulled muscle caused a sharp, stabbing pain. I managed to use the Leg Press, Seated Leg Press and Leg Extension machines successfully, i.e. without aggravating that sharp, stabbing pain; I was happy.

After the leg machines I proceeded to the core workout section: Ab Crunch machine, Back Extension machine, different Ab Crunch machine, then the Lateral/Oblique Machine. By the time I was done with that, I actually wanted to ralf. I even felt weak enough that I might soil myself; I did not. Yay! for intestinal fortitude. This need to hurl may have been from not actually eating anything more than a GU Pineapple Roctane before my workout, but I got up late and wanted to use the park after the gym so I could also get some time in the sun, so I pressed on regardless. (Yes, I did hydrate before, during and after the gym.) My legs felt mighty noodle-like by the end of my workout, and I had to stagger slowly down the stairs like an (80) year old man afraid he's going to slip and break his hip.

Once I got home I ate a banana and an orange, chugged some water, put on my cycling shoes and hit the trail, so to speak. Pretty windy this afternoon, but the ride in the park was good all the same. I did have to wait for a couple to direct their toddler out of the way (so glad I am in the habit of announcing myself when approaching pedestrians in the park; LEFT!), then I nearly ran over a dog that just stared at me and blithely walked straight at my front tire. Dummy. I am pretty sure his keeper was the knuckle head jogging along-side him without a leash. Sheesh. I wish these dogs would keep their pet humans under better control.

Still counting down to the Bay to Breakers next week. Gotta' get my run on tomorrow for sure, and at least tree (3) more days next week.

Better shower and eat before it gets later.


Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Wacky Wednesday

After two (2) rest days in a row I finally got out and jogged some more:

DC Bike Path: Walk/Jog/Walk x4. Distance: (5.23) mi. Pace-avg: (16:34)min./mi. Speed-avg: (3.6)mph. Speed-max: (5.7)mph. Burned: (635) Calories.

I really should have gone for a bike ride at a minimum the last two (2) days, although I also desperately need to get back in the gym and do some weight training. The last couple times I rode my bike and then went jogging, I believe I did much better aerobically and did not feel like I was gasping for air continuously during the jogging phases of my workout. I really am babying myself a little too much. I also got some more sun today, so that's always a good thing; I am much too pale.

I broke my third (3rd) pair of sunglasses on Sunday. I took them off at the far end of my run, and the right sight ear stem snapped right off at the pivot point. *sigh* The first two (2) pairs cracked in the same spot: the right side ear stem at bottom side the pivot point. The first pair cracked, I believe, when I dropped them in the gym lobby, but the cracked piece stayed in place till I got home. The second pair broke when I got back from my jog in the park; I pulled them off and crack! *sigh* I lost the piece that cracked off, but I was able to snap the stem back on, and they seem to be functional enough for now. *fingers-crossed* So, that's like $90.00 work of broken shades. I like them so much because the lenses are polarized. I bought them at Rite-Aid: StyleScience PolarVision Gold (Hi-Def Polarized). I should definitely buy a better pair of shades.

I was looking at the Ryders Eyewear sunglasses that a friend mentioned in her blog a while ago, but Fleet Feet Stockton stopped carrying that brand, and the Ryders website does not show any other stores in the Central Valley actually carrying that brand. Amazon does carry them, however, so I may buy them there. FF Stockton now carries Tifusi Optics sunglasses instead. Be warned, the Tifusi website is pretty slow. In fact, it looks like it is hosted in Germany, so the trans-Atlantic link is clearly the cause for the slowdown:

Mac-mini:~ lharrison$ traceroute
traceroute to (, 64 hops max, 52 byte packets
 1 (  1.597 ms  0.527 ms  0.343 ms
 2 (  30.025 ms  22.568 ms  19.996 ms
 3 (  9.474 ms  9.208 ms  9.014 ms
 4 (  13.849 ms  11.190 ms  9.622 ms
 5 (  9.181 ms  8.785 ms  9.622 ms
 6 (  11.562 ms  13.880 ms  12.911 ms
 7 (  12.686 ms  13.227 ms  14.026 ms
 8 (  21.392 ms  21.609 ms  21.802 ms
 9 (  56.308 ms  55.876 ms  55.411 ms
10 (  78.963 ms  78.142 ms  94.323 ms
11 (  92.155 ms  92.225 ms  90.821 ms
12 (  92.797 ms  92.399 ms  92.415 ms
13 (  92.963 ms  96.176 ms  90.988 ms
14 (  93.241 ms  91.472 ms  94.386 ms
15 (  105.368 ms  98.591 ms  99.367 ms
16 (  178.425 ms  182.732 ms  177.951 ms
17 (  189.118 ms  187.599 ms  186.537 ms
18 (  187.861 ms  187.448 ms  186.765 ms
19 (  244.443 ms  191.728 ms  204.038 ms
20 (  199.109 ms  189.771 ms  193.332 ms
21 (  201.685 ms  193.658 ms (  192.052 ms
22 (  195.444 ms (  194.959 ms (  193.608 ms
23 (  192.884 ms  194.508 ms  193.003 ms

Couldn't resist an interjection of nerd-fu. B-) I miss working in IT, but I still remember a few of the simpler things I learned about network troubleshooting when I worked for an ISP.

Time to stretch out and get some food.


Sunday, May 01, 2011

May Day

Today has been a good day:

DC Bike Path: Walk/Jog/Walk 4x. Distance: (5.95)miles. Pace-avg: (15:24)min./mile. Speed-max: (6.5)mph. Burned: (697) Calories. Nice.

And, not only did I get my training run on, but also: "Law & Order: Criminal Intent" has returned with Goren and Eames in Season (10), "In Plain Sight" has returned for Season (4), and Osama bin Laden is cooling his heels in a morgue somewhere as Americans everywhere rejoice in the streets. Sweet. Happy May Day everyone!