Friday, February 08, 2008


I was envious of Sean's blog having a Genius level rating, so I tested mine. I am deeply insulted... :-/

blog readability test


Just finished the second full week of classes, and I'm already feeling beat. Still behind in all my reading assignments, my first paper was due Wednesday (I'm almost done with it), I have another paper due Monday, or is it Wednesday? More writing assignments are coming down the pike... This is what I get for taking so many classes my first semester back to school, which I'm planning to be my -final- semester for my B.A. Two (2) of those classes are upper-division GE courses, with a pre-requisite of passing the WST (Writing Skills Test) which I did April 24, 1993.

May have to quit my job so I can focus on school, which will be tough, because then I won't have any spending money, gas money, fun money. Having to work weekends is one of the things keeping me out of the bars on weekends! :-)

One of the things keeping me so run-down during the week is a lack of sleep: One of my roomates, the one in the room right next to mine, stays up late working on art projects which seem to involve painting and a mini-hairdryer. When he's not doing that at night, he has his music volume on loud, which is bad because he listens to a lot of techno (which I love) but the bass makes it all the more aggravating if I try to study in my room, or do anything else. He seems reluctant to turn it down when I ask, but at least he will do it. I'm unsure of how to "discuss" this with him without getting pissed off. The engineering student is a big Xbox fan, and the volume is always high, although he will turn it down when asked. I finally ordered a white noise machine to help drown out my roomates. I'm really hoping this works. I could use a fan on high, like the eng. student uses, but then I get dehydrated and groggy, which means I may not respond to my alarm. I may not need to use it on weekends since the art student goes home from Friday evening till Sunday night. We'll see.

On a positive note, I turned in my Graduation Application and my Financial Aid petition Friday, Feb 1st, so those are two (2) more items off my To-Do list. Yes!