Thursday, March 20, 2008

Spring Break!

Finally! Spring Break is right around the corner. I need a break. I finished two (2) Mid-Terms this week and feel only confident enough to say I may have answered a few questions correctly on my exams. Optimistically, I just might have passed them both...barely. We'll see.

Hrm. I just checked my grade for my Kinesiology Mid-Term #(2) [there are four (4) mid-terms total in that class] and I appear to have gotten (53) out of (50) points!! SWEET!! I will have to go speak to him tomorrow to be certain, but it looks like I got an "A" on that test. I only got a solid mid-range "C" on the first Mid-Term. Looks like I am passing that class, so far.

I just looked up my Final Exam week schedule and see that I have two (2) Finals on Monday, two (2) on Tuesday (fifteen [15] minutes apart, no less) and only one (1) left on Wednesday. Gladly, this will not happen till May, so I have time to pull my head out and get cracking. :-)

Cheers for now!