Friday, March 25, 2011

Walkin' through the park

Today, instead of going to the gym, or riding my bike, I chose to walk through the park. I followed my normal bike path route and pushed through:
DC Bike Path: Endurance march through the park. (8.85) miles in (2:34:57.31) hrs., Pace: (17:31) min./mile. Calories burned: (1014) Cal., HR-avg.: (121) BPM, HR-max: (140) BPM. [I think I need better walking shoes for this...]

Not bad. If I can keep this up for a couple of weeks, maybe my muscles will feel up to jogging a bit. Will have to see if I can maintain this. Right now, it feels like I overdid it since my quads, hams and calves are feeling the burn. Just had a banana smoothie, so I hope that helps with cramps. Now I better bathe, stretch and eat dinner.

P.S. Did I mention the chafing? Oof! I guess I better buy some running shorts, or go commando. These cotton boxer-briefs chafe too much when damp with sweat...

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Working out.

A new post is long overdue. I joined a gym in January; it was an Xmas gift. From August to November I had returned to cycling. My poor bicycle had been sitting idle for months, and before that, years. I did notice a good weight-loss trend once I started riding again, and I even managed to stop snacking and eating as much as I used to do. Bonus! Once December came 'round I dropped off the cycling altogether due to weather and temperature.

At my $GYM, I use the Cardio Circuit Room, and the stationary bike, as often as possible. My original goal was to use the Cardio Room at least three (3) times per week MWF, use the stationary bike T-Th, then use my road bike on weekends. That sorta' happened. I also began going out to a restaurant bar on Friday's, but then I ended up staying up too late, which threw off my sleeping pattern several times, and I had to precess around the clock numerous times to get my body-clock reset. I just this week (Monday) managed to get it reset yet again, and I now plan to continue maintaining it for as long as possible; socializing at the bar be damned.

So, I have also been using Voomaxer to track my exercise. I was inspired by some high school classmates on FB, and have been logging my cycling mileage ever since. Since I started at the gym, I have also been logging my stationary bike mileage. One of my other Xmas gifts, requested, was a Garmin ForeRunner 305. This was also inspired by P. And I did some research, i.e. read many reviews, on Amazon, and a couple other sites, before committing it to my Xmas wish-list. This gadget is great for tracking my heart-rate (with the included Heart Rate Monitor strap), so I don't overdo it and incite a heart-attack. I'm still learning to use some of the features. For example, the other day I walked in the park before I went out for the evening, and the Garmin kept beeping at me because my heart-rate was "too low", i.e. below 143 BPM. So I managed to turn off the chime, but noticed that the "HR Too Low" message kept flashing. C'est la vie.

I tried running on the treadmill for the second time at the gym, but was not able to keep up the pace; at least this time I did not weave back and forth across the belt. I was trying to keep a five (5) MPH pace, which did not last long, and set the incline for two (2) degrees, I believe. I was trying out a running technique I read about on the New Balance web-site. [I just found this link for training plans while trying to find the running form link I was looking for.] Here's the link, which I believe is called Good Form Running. Since I haven't been running in a long, long time, I may as well try using the newer method. I have had some heel-pain in the past while working in private security, possibly from heel-spurs, but never saw any spurs on the X-rays.

OK. Enough for now. More later. Time to get off the byoottocks and go workout.