Friday, February 01, 2013

A Good Day to Run!

2013-02-01, Friday

Today's plan calls for an Easy Run. Actually, it probably calls for a rest day. And since I have not run since January 3rd, 2013, my one and only run of the year until today, I needed to go easy in any event.

Friday night easy run. *aaahh*

Plan: Run.
Actual: Run/walk (4.05)mi., with a cool-down walk during the last half-mile.
Fuel: Pre-run: Gatorade and water; Mid-run: n/a; Post-run: Dinner!!

Splits: (12:39); (13:10); (16:06); (14:04); last (0.05)mi.: (16:27).  

Other News: It's been over (90) days since I started working at my new job, and I still have a job! :-)  Thirty more days and I can get the health-coverage I want from our client at "friend prices," rather than the Cal-COBRA arm-and-a-leg, and your left testicle (just to be sure we have your attention) rates that I have been paying the last two (2) years. *ouch*

The client has been getting a lot of positive feed-back about the security presence at the facilities we cover locally, and the client's Security Director has been very pleased with us all-around. For perspective, this has been a rarity in the extreme in my past experience working commercial private security. Healthcare security is a bit different, and a lot more interactive than I expected. I seem to be adapting successfully, so far.