Wednesday, April 23, 2008

30 days to Freedom!

Sweet!! Only thirty (30) days to freedom. I can't wait. This semester has been considerably more challenging than I anticipated. I have presentations to deliver in three (3) of my classes. One was already delivered and went quite well. I have one this Monday with a classmate in my Historical Linguistics class (color terms and language change; the article we have to read to prep for it is pleasingly short), and a group presentation in my Philosophy class (Gender issues and ethics in the IT field; more or less).

I earned a low "B" on my second Philosophy mid-term, quite happy with that. And I earned a middle "B" on my Kinesiology mid-term (our third for the class); also damn happy with that. Looks like I may be able to complete all my courses with a decent "B" average. That would be pretty outstanding compared to my last semester in 2004; that will not be discussed.

I have term papers/projects for three (3) of my classes. One is only six (6) pages for Political Science, and must be well-researched and argued. The second needs to be 8-10 pages, for Philosophy, and must begin with a moral argument; research also will be needed here. My Sociolinguistics class requires a field research project regarding Service Encounters. Not really looking forward to it, but we have been promised that it really is a fun project. Hrmm. We'll see...

I am still waiting for my Graduation Checklist from that Office of Graduation. *sigh* Keeping my fingers crossed that all will go according to "plan" and I will graduate this semester. I can't wait. This has been a very long time coming, and I will be happy to be done with it. Afterwards, I can focus on a job and preferably even a career.

Off to the Library for study time...

Till next time.