Thursday, January 31, 2008

School is underway

Well, classes started last week, Wed. Jan.23rd. I finally got my schedule in place and am enrolled in five (5) classes. Starting to get the hang of note-taking again. Need to catch up on my reading...-badly-. All my classes require copious amounts of reading, and almost as much writing. That will be challenging. Even though "challenging" is part of the reason I am here, my brain is going to get a serious work-out.

I finally checked out the King Library last week, and found some good study spots. I spent a few hours there last night and got some good reading done. I will have to do more of that tonight. SJSU students get to stay in the library till midnight most of the week, so that will be a big-big help.

Lots of pretty girls to see all over campus. Can't wait for warmer weather... :-)