Saturday, April 23, 2011

Beautiful Day Out

Finally got some real exercise in this week: Today I went out for a bike ride to warm up for my walk/jog training:

DC Bike Path: Cycling: (8.87) miles, Pace: (5:16)min./mi. Burned: (584) Calories.

DC Bike Path: Walk/Jog/Walk. (3.08) miles. Pace-avg: (17:29) min./mile. Speed-avg: (3.4) mph. Burned: (358) Calories. No achy knees today. Increased the Jog portion to two (2) minutes. No problems. B-)

During the cycling phase, on my outbound lap, I nearly T/C'd a rider who was coming around the bend, a blind curve, because he and his buddy we riding side-by-side. We both saw each other and hit our brakes, skidding to a halt,  so we did not collide. That would have been messy (i.e. bloody) and painful. [It's days like this I think maybe I should buy one of those mini-camcorders to mount on my helmet, or maybe a set that is built into sunglasses, so I can record some of the things that happen on my rides. Just a thought.] Now, never-mind that the park has signs all along the path, in both directions, that say "KEEP RIGHT," and one might think they would be obeyed, especially on a blind-curve. I would also expect that maybe someone might think it was a Good Idea (tm) to maybe ride single-file when rounding curves like these. But then again, I could just be out of my mind. I am pretty sure that no one bothers to read these, especially those clusters of people that walk five abreast across the width of the path, and have kids and pets running back and forth across the path, right in front of joggers and cyclists. Maybe an air-horn is in order... }:->  *Mwuahahahaa*

Anyway, I made it back without further incident. Once home I changed into my sweet Brooks Trance 10 running shoes, put on my UnderArmor ninja hood and big floppy hat to keep the sun off my neck and the breeze out of my ears, strapped on my iPod and hit the bike path on foot. During my ride I noticed that there was quite a crowd in the park today. This was unsurprising seeing as how it was over (70) deg.F. and with only a little breeze. Plenty of people were out walking their dogs. Some of those dogs look kinda' mean, and I have never been a dog fan, and the people walking those meaner looking dogs tend to look a bit shady, so I am glad I have my Spyderco with me at all times; that and my cell-phone. That's one part of the Boy Scout motto I try to practice: "Be Prepared."

Anyway, time to get cleaned up and work on the bathroom a bit. Company has already arrived.


The week in review

Here is a brief re-cap of the past week. I expect to add more details in individual posts for each day:

Wake: 0700 hrs,; Bed: 2345 hrs.
Arrived in Anaheim at 1730 hrs. Checked into hotel. Had a pre-dinner walk of (2.94) miles around the perimeter of Disneyland. Dinner at Tony Roma's. Good food, very cute waitress/server. Got back to room with hotel wi-fi access info, can't login. *sigh* Poor signal in our room.
Lunch: 6 oz. tri-tip w/ veg medley at Sizzler's in Bakersfield.
Dinner: Tony Roma's; Chicken Bacon sandwich w/ fries. Very filling, very good.

Wake-up: 0700 hrs., Bed: 2330 hrs.
Breakfast: wheat toast with butter and grape jelly, OJ, coffee w/ cream & sugar.
Disneyland! all day.
Lunch: Mahi-Mahi sandwich (baked) w/ fries, water.
More Disneyland, back to the room for a couple hours. Finally got wi-fi access by sitting in the hotel lobby. [Really should have taken my Apple Airport Express to use as a signal booster for this trip. I won't forget next time.]
Dinner: Mimi's. Sweet & sour chicken w/ brown rice. Appetizer bread: Carrot, sour-dough and banana. Really good.

Wake: 0745 hrs. Bed: 0030 hrs.
Breakfast: Denny's Western Omelet w/ side of sausage (4 links) & sourdough toast.
Arrived in San Diego @ 1145 hrs.
Toured the USS Midway till 1600 hrs. Took lots of pics.
Bought a replacement/back-up battery for my camera, but it turns out after closer inspection that it is for a different Canon camera model, and replaces NB-8L, not NB-4L, which is what I needed. My fault for not looking more closely at the label on both batteries. :-/
Outlet shopping in X till 2100 hrs. Found a pair of jeans at Tommy Hilfiger that fit me: size (38) waist, (34) length. Did not realize I could actually fit size (38) anything now. Rock on!
Back at the hotel charging my devices and getting internet access. Yes!

Wake: 0800 hrs.; Bed: 2400 hrs.
Breakfast: The Waffle Spot: French toast, scrambled eggs, 4x sausage links, 1x glass water, 1x glass OJ, 2x cups coffee w/ cream & sugar.
Activity: San Diego Zoo (Balboa Park): About (1.00) hour, abut (1.94) miles, and (383) Calories. We spent several hours at the San Diego Zoo, but due to the slow walking pace, and starts/stops, this data may not be accurate. The big cats were mostly sleeping when we got to them at about 1500-1700 hrs. One (1x) Grevy's Zebra, and the lone male elephant both let their business swing freely for the crowds. *snicker* [Insert Beavis and Butt-head chuckles here.]
Lunch: 1400 hrs., Hot dog and Pirate's Booty "cheese puffs."
Dinner: Monsoon Indian cuisine: Chicken Tikka Masala, Spicy Chana Masala, Naan (2x), Fanta Orange soda. Had to shovel it in due to time constraints for getting to the movie.
Movie: "Hop". It was cute. Some laughs; I was tired and achy from walking all day.

Wake: 0830 hrs.; Bed: 2400 hrs.
Breakfast: Granola cereal.
Activity: Balboa Park. We visited the San Diego Air & Space Museum in Balboa Park. They have a pretty great exhibit all-around, and we also visited their SPACE: Special Exhibit, which is a separate exhibition of space exploration with a look at NASA's plans for future Moon and Mars landings.
Lunch: I forget.
Dinner: Gordon Biersch. Sweet and Spicy Cashew Chicken (awesome!) and a GB Märzen beer.

Wake: 0730 hrs.
Breakfast: Granola cereal
Activity: Drive home to Modesto.
Depart: 0808 hrs.
Lunch: Carl's Jr. Chicken Club sandwich.
Home: 1616 hrs.

Catching up on TV. Real internet access again. Aah.