Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thursday Tempo Run No.6

Today's plan calls for a Tempo Run.

DC Bike Path: 1/2 Marathon Training, Tempo Run. Dist: (7.57)mi. Pace-avg: (16:31). Speed-avg: (3.6)mph. Speed-max: (4.8)mph. Burned: (812) Calories. Running lights. 

Plan: Run (4)mi. @ a (15:40) pace for a total time of (1:02:43)hrs. 
Actual: Jog (4)mi. @ a (14:47) avg. pace for a total time of (59:08.02)mins., bracketed by a (1)mi. warm-up walk, and a (2.57)mi. cool-down walk. 
Fuel: Pre-run: Clif Bar around 1745 hrs.; Mid-run:GU Roctane (Pineapple); Post-run: Honey Stinger waffle (Honey).

Tonight's run went very well, despite skipping my Easy Run on Tuesday, and leaving the house after dark, and without my neck gaiter (to keep the wind chill off my neck). D'oh! There was almost no one in the park tonight, no doubt due to the chill, but also more likely because high school football is back in season; and the new TV season has started, too. I could hear the crowds and the marching band out in the park. Not sure which high school was playing tonight, but the sounds carried with the chill night air. I did not need to use my running lights much tonight, except for (2) occasions when cyclists with bike lights were approaching: I wanted to make sure they saw me before their lights lit me up.

There was a large waning gibbous moon out tonight so my lights were mostly redundant. Running by moonlight is very soothing. The biggest hazard I encountered tonight was while passing the golf course: One of the sprinklers shoots pretty far past the fence that runs parallel to the bike path, and I was hit solidly with a wall of water. C'est la vie.

Other News: I have completed my Half-Dome equipment shopping. I think the only thing I really need is some trail mix for the hike, although I also plan to take some of my running fuel, like Chomps, and Energy Blasts. I will have to be sure not to overdo the sugar on the hike.


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Half-Dome Equipment

OK. So I finally got out Monday and bought some more gear for the Half-Dome trip next week:

  1. Sleeping bag, rated for (0) deg. F., which will no doubt be far more than enough;
  2. Camelbak (3) Liter water bladder;
  3. Outdoor Products Skyline 8.0 backpack, water bladder compatible; returned, hip-belt unreliable;
  4. closed cell foam pad for going under the sleeping bag, but I think the tent cabins have cots;
  5. (3x) Camper's Mirrors by Stansport, for use as signal mirrors, et al.;
  6. (3x) Emergency/Solar Blankets;
  7. (4x) Pairs of Wool-blend socks for hiking;
  8. (1x) pk. Camp soap sheets (50);
  9. (2x) Life Guard Glow Red LED lights sticks;
More later.

Tuesday: Returned the OP backpack, haven't committed to another one yet, but have two (2) good candidates. I will be checking Royal Robbins again, tomorrow. Testing the CamelBak Antidote (3) Liter bladder: No leaks yet. The plastic taste does not seem to be much of a problem, yet; that may change on the trail. I need to do at least one lap through the park with my gear that I am wearing, and carrying, on the Half-Dome hike sometime this week.

Skipped my (3) mile Easy Run today: Just too tired for some reason. I could even go out and do it now, in the dark, but I am trying to keep myself to a morning wake-up schedule, and not a "sometime in the afternoon" wake-up schedule.


Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sunday Night Easy Run

Today's plan calls for a(n) Easy Run.

DC Bike Path: 1/2 Marathon Training, Easy Run. Dist: (8.20)mi. Pace-avg: (16:27). Speed-avg: (3.6)mph. Speed-max: (4.8)mph. Burned: (884) Calories. No running lights.

Plan: Run (5)mi. @ a (17:17) pace, for a total time of (1:26:25) hrs.
Actual: Jogged (5) mi. @ a (15:22) avg. pace, for a total time of (1:16:49.65) hrs., and bracketed by (1)mi. warm-up walk, and (2.20)mi. cool-down walk.
Fuel: Pre-run: Nothing (water); Mid-run: GU Roctane (Pineapple); Post-run: Honey Stinger, Stinger Waffle (Vanilla).

Tonight's run went very well. I made a conscious effort to jog the whole (5) mi. at a near (15:00) pace. And I succeeded! My splits for tonight's run: Mile(1): (15:09); Mile (2): (15:13); Mile(3): (15:20); Mile(4): (15:39); Mile(5): (15:30).

Going forward I will have to make sure and keep focused the same way. Tonight, I tried a Honey Stinger waffle for the first time. Other running bloggers have mentioned them, and I found some at Dick's Sporting Goods, so I had to buy a few to try. It was only vanilla, but it was pretty good. The weather was pretty cool, and overcast. The moon came through pretty clearly, even with the clouds, so I didn't need my running lights tonight.

Other News: The Half-Dome endurance march is getting closer: Only a little over a week away.