Saturday, August 17, 2013

RACE REPORT: 5th Annual VIPS 5K/10K Run/walk

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Today I finished my third 10K!  I ran in the 5th Annual VIPS Keep Moving Forward 5K/10K Run and Walk.

Riverbank: 5th Annual Keep Moving Forward (VIPS) 10K. Dist: (6.24)-mi. Time: (1:20:09.42)hrs. Pace-avg: (12:50)/mi. Speed-avg: (4.7)mph. Speed-max: (7.2)mph. Burned: (801) Calories. HR-avg: (164)bpm.

I improved my time from last year by (12) minutes! I started using the Galloway Run-Walk-Run method of running when I was training with the Modesto Marathon Adult Training Group in 2012. One of the benefits, according to Jeff Galloway, to using his method for long distance endurance runs includes faster overall times compared to just straight running. This seems to be working for me. During some of my run phases during the event I checked my Garmin watch and saw pace times between 8:30 and 10:45 per mile, with 14:00 to 16:35 per mile for some of my walking phases. Averaging these all together over time cut my overall time noticeably.

My race shirt from the 408K Run to the Row from 2012. Light and airy, just right for this morning's race.

I observed some split-paces in my post-run data, too:

Mile 1: 11:44
Mile 2: 13:06
Mile 3: 13:04
Mile 4: 12:55
Mile 5: 13:15
Mile 6: 13:17
Mile 0.2: 11:30

The race t-shirt, part of the swag.

And comparing my stats from all three (3) years:

2011: (1:32:55)-hrs., 14:50/mi. pace, 19th in A.G. (Male, 40-49), 97th O.A. (99 runners)
2012: (1:32:22)-hrs., 14:46/mi. pace, 6th in A.G. (Male, 40-49), 55th O.A. (66 runners)
2013: (1:20:09)-hrs., 12:50/mi. pace, 15th in A.G. (Male, 40-49), 68th O.A. (85 runners)

Raffle prize. Woo-HOO!!

Here is a link to my blog entry for the 2011 VIPS 10K. As you can see, I completely neglected to blog about the 2012 race. However, for most of 2012 after the Modesto Half-Marathon, I stopped running. I ended up taking a longer break than intended, and thinking back I suppose that was more because I did not have any goals to train towards at that time. I did take up CrossFit Training with a personal trainer for most of that summer, and I did blog quite a bit about that. In fact, that CrossFit training, and some of the running I did as part of that training, was really the only thing that helped me perform as well as I did for the 2012 VIPS 10K: Lots of aerobic and anaerobic conditioning is part of the CrossFit package.

2013 Race Count: (1) completed.

My training plan continues. Onward and upward to the 2013 2nd Annual Peace Officer Memorial Run Half-Marathon, 5K and Kids Fun Run (Race Expo and Safety Fair)!