Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Back to the gym!

Finally got back into the gym for a change:

MCR: Stationary Bike: (5) min. to warm-up; Fit In (30) Room: (38:34)min. Resistance Level (5); Ab Crunches: 1x (30) rep. @ (70)lbs., 1x (30) reps. @ (90)lbs., 1x (30) reps. @ (80)lbs. Back Extensions: 3x (30) reps. @ (50)lbs.

I have been taking a break from running the last couple of days because of some continuing pain from rolling my right ankle on my last run (I was distracted by the starry sky) and some chaffing discomfort on my left instep from my gimpy (13)mi. attempt on the 13th of November. Since I decided not to run in the the Las Vegas event next month, in favor of more training time and building more road mileage, I am thinking about the Tracy Half Marathon at the end of January, 2012. It does have the advantage of being closer, and less expensive, although I fear it may be very windy at that time of year. I'll just have to see.