Saturday, January 05, 2008

Moved in!

Alright! Got moved into my dorm room today with lots of help from Mom and Jarrod. Did a lot of packing this morning; right up to 5:20pm. We used all the boxes I got from work, plus a few Hefty sacks. Loading the cars was a little challenging due to the heavy rains. Water was pooling in the carport so we got our feet wet, but not the boxes. Mom and Jarrod made a trip to pick-up sandbags so hopefully the water won't run into the house.

My brother and I packed all my things into our cars and drove to San Jose in the rain. We arrived (20) minutes ahead of schedule; what a relief! Check-in was mostly painless and the line was short. I picked up a card-key for the garage so we could bring our cars in out of the rain and unload boxes close to the elevator.

Armed with my card-key and room key we scouted the path to my apartment and met one of my roommates, Joe. We introduced ourselves, checked out my room, turned on the lights and got to work. We finished bringing in all of my belongings and were damn glad Mom insisted we bring a hand-truck.

Jarrod treated me to dinner at Chevy's, then dropped me back at my dorm. Found a decent spot on the street for my car. Hope it won't be molested overnight. Parking should be free overnight and all day Sunday. Got my computer set up and Internet access was immediate.

Good night for now!

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Countdown to the move

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2008. Now the countdown begins for my move back to San Jose, CA, where I am going to finish my degree: B.A. Linguistics. Lot's of organizing, packing and laundry to manage between now and then. Looking forward to the Spring semester.