Sunday, January 08, 2012

To Long Run, or Not to Long Run...

Due to continued soreness from my hike in and around Pinecrest Lake on Friday with my brother, and my less-than-stellar re-introduction to Aikido on Saturday that resulted in me landing on the mat more than once with my rock-hard elbow between the mat and my ribs (totally my fault), with the attendant long-term discomfort that brings, I think I am going to skip my long run for today. I also considered riding my bike for a couple of laps through the park as a cross-training alternative, but feel that the rib-muscle issue is just going to make that plain uncomfortable, what with all the heavy breathing and all.

As mentioned previously, a half-marathon in Tracy that was supposed to be held at the end of this month is now scheduled for May 20, 2012 here. (I assume the date of Jan.29, 2012, that is listed on was just a placeholder.) So in the meantime I am looking at some other half-marathons in the region and ran across this one in Fremont (, but also this one in San Francisco (, and this one in Davis: ( I am having trouble deciding on a race for which to register.

I'm wondering how important trail-running specific shoes are, or can I just use my regular street/road-running shoes on some of these well-used trails? Maybe I am just getting over-anxious to finally get out and run in a half-marathon since I bailed on my original goal of the Las Vegas Strip-At-Night run, although it's just a few more months till March and the Modesto Marathon and Half-Marathon. It's just making me a little stir-crazy.


Aikido of Modesto!!

2012-01-07 Saturday


Pinecrest Lake Hike

2012-01-06 Friday