Saturday, April 23, 2011

The week in review

Here is a brief re-cap of the past week. I expect to add more details in individual posts for each day:

Wake: 0700 hrs,; Bed: 2345 hrs.
Arrived in Anaheim at 1730 hrs. Checked into hotel. Had a pre-dinner walk of (2.94) miles around the perimeter of Disneyland. Dinner at Tony Roma's. Good food, very cute waitress/server. Got back to room with hotel wi-fi access info, can't login. *sigh* Poor signal in our room.
Lunch: 6 oz. tri-tip w/ veg medley at Sizzler's in Bakersfield.
Dinner: Tony Roma's; Chicken Bacon sandwich w/ fries. Very filling, very good.

Wake-up: 0700 hrs., Bed: 2330 hrs.
Breakfast: wheat toast with butter and grape jelly, OJ, coffee w/ cream & sugar.
Disneyland! all day.
Lunch: Mahi-Mahi sandwich (baked) w/ fries, water.
More Disneyland, back to the room for a couple hours. Finally got wi-fi access by sitting in the hotel lobby. [Really should have taken my Apple Airport Express to use as a signal booster for this trip. I won't forget next time.]
Dinner: Mimi's. Sweet & sour chicken w/ brown rice. Appetizer bread: Carrot, sour-dough and banana. Really good.

Wake: 0745 hrs. Bed: 0030 hrs.
Breakfast: Denny's Western Omelet w/ side of sausage (4 links) & sourdough toast.
Arrived in San Diego @ 1145 hrs.
Toured the USS Midway till 1600 hrs. Took lots of pics.
Bought a replacement/back-up battery for my camera, but it turns out after closer inspection that it is for a different Canon camera model, and replaces NB-8L, not NB-4L, which is what I needed. My fault for not looking more closely at the label on both batteries. :-/
Outlet shopping in X till 2100 hrs. Found a pair of jeans at Tommy Hilfiger that fit me: size (38) waist, (34) length. Did not realize I could actually fit size (38) anything now. Rock on!
Back at the hotel charging my devices and getting internet access. Yes!

Wake: 0800 hrs.; Bed: 2400 hrs.
Breakfast: The Waffle Spot: French toast, scrambled eggs, 4x sausage links, 1x glass water, 1x glass OJ, 2x cups coffee w/ cream & sugar.
Activity: San Diego Zoo (Balboa Park): About (1.00) hour, abut (1.94) miles, and (383) Calories. We spent several hours at the San Diego Zoo, but due to the slow walking pace, and starts/stops, this data may not be accurate. The big cats were mostly sleeping when we got to them at about 1500-1700 hrs. One (1x) Grevy's Zebra, and the lone male elephant both let their business swing freely for the crowds. *snicker* [Insert Beavis and Butt-head chuckles here.]
Lunch: 1400 hrs., Hot dog and Pirate's Booty "cheese puffs."
Dinner: Monsoon Indian cuisine: Chicken Tikka Masala, Spicy Chana Masala, Naan (2x), Fanta Orange soda. Had to shovel it in due to time constraints for getting to the movie.
Movie: "Hop". It was cute. Some laughs; I was tired and achy from walking all day.

Wake: 0830 hrs.; Bed: 2400 hrs.
Breakfast: Granola cereal.
Activity: Balboa Park. We visited the San Diego Air & Space Museum in Balboa Park. They have a pretty great exhibit all-around, and we also visited their SPACE: Special Exhibit, which is a separate exhibition of space exploration with a look at NASA's plans for future Moon and Mars landings.
Lunch: I forget.
Dinner: Gordon Biersch. Sweet and Spicy Cashew Chicken (awesome!) and a GB Märzen beer.

Wake: 0730 hrs.
Breakfast: Granola cereal
Activity: Drive home to Modesto.
Depart: 0808 hrs.
Lunch: Carl's Jr. Chicken Club sandwich.
Home: 1616 hrs.

Catching up on TV. Real internet access again. Aah.


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