Saturday, April 16, 2011


This morning I thought to myself,"I vant to be HAHRDcore!" just like Ahnold. So after considerable dilly-dallying, i.e. taking a shower, emptying the dishwasher, cleaning the dirty dishes in the sink, eating a light breakfast of wheat toast with strawberry-lemon marmalade and a cup of cappucino (International House powdered), scrubbing the bathroom sink, scrubbing the toilet, then spending some time online in Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO), I finally got out and did it:

Street/MCR: Rode bike to gym, worked out in "Fit In 30" Room, then rode home. Total distance: (7.61) mi., total time: (1:26:45.08) hrs. Burned: (564) Calories.

Not a bad workout. The ride to the gym was good, windy, but good. I started to fade a bit during my second lap in the "Fit In 30" room, but I pushed through all three (3) laps, then chugged water, and took a breather for a few minutes, talked to one of the attendants at the counter, then got on my bike and rode home. The wind was with me on the way home, mostly, so that was a bonus. I need to stretch out and eat, soon. My stomach is demanding food.

Update: I added a new picture of my bike on the Equipment page, and replaced the old one in the Header background image. Feel free to comment. I also finally got around to mounting my new bike lock bracket. It looks awkward and it does not interfere with pedaling, even though it looks like it should. Unless I'm riding somewhere I expect to lock up my bike, I'll probably leave the lock at home. I still wish I had not lost my old U-lock late last year. I'm pretty sure I set it on the hood of my car (black lock on a black car), while it was in the shade of the car-port, then promptly forgot about it, and drove off later to run an errand, not realizing the lock was still laying on the car hood. *sigh* I did remember it, later on, and tried looking for it around my neighbourhood, but no luck finding it.


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