Thursday, April 14, 2011

Up All Night

So I stayed up all night. I'm trying to reset my body-clock. But then I already said that earlier somewhere. I got out of the house for some training:

DC Bike Path: Walk/jog/walk. Dist: (2.49) mi.; Pace-avg: (17:56) min./mi. Speed-avg: (3.3) mph. Burned: (289) Calories.

My "jog" phase of each set is still in the "Slow Jog" portion of the speed graph, but at least I'm doing it. My knees don't feel quite so achy at the moment: I walked for (15) minutes, then did some squats and lunges to warm-up my muscles a bit (no weights). Following the warm-up I followed my workout plan, i.e. walk/jog/walk; repeat. That was followed by a cool-down walk home, then some more squats, lunges and calf-raises, again without weights. Now to stretch out, shower and eat. In that order, I think.

Weight: (204.4) lbs.


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