Monday, April 11, 2011

Nada, aka The Kinks

Exercise: Rest Day. Whether I want it, or not, my knees need a rest.

Spent the day trying to stay awake long enough to help reset my body-clock. Fell asleep about 1330 hrs. watching a DVR program from the Biography Channel on the "The Kinks"(2008). I didn't realize The Kinks started out in the early 60's, like so many other British Invasion bands, i.e. The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, et al. The song and video I remember most was from the 80's: "Come Dancing" (1982). I watched the video on NightTrax (TBS), and later on MTV, I think. I was in junior high and high school during the 80's. High school was when I really got into the New Wave and Punk Rock music. My buddy, Andy, from German class really introduced me to a lot of bands, including The Cure. I remember Andy had a copy of Maximum Rock'n'Roll (an old indie music rag), or maybe it was an issue of Thrasher magazine, but there was a music review of The Cure's 1985, or 1986, Halloween concert in San Francisco (at The Warfield?).

The description of the music and the mood was all I needed to get hooked on the concept of The Cure; and their music lived up to the hype. In fact, The Cure's 1986 "Standing on a Beach" Tour show at The Greek Theater in Berkeley was my first live concert. I attended it alone and loved every minute of it, especially when, as part of the pre-show, the title track to "Pornography" (1982) was played over the arena speakers. The eerie, sinister tones really gave me a thrilling chill of excitement. The very next week I saw The Eurhythmics at the same venue during their "Revenge" Tour. I saw that show with my buddy, Dave. It was awesome. I was also surprised at how many older fans were in the crowd. And by older I mean in their thirties and forties. And I think the older crowd were the ones smoking all the Mary Jane. The cloud was kinda' dense.

I can't mention German class in high school without mentioning Frau Driscoll. She was/is the daughter-in-law to The Iron Frau (Die Eisenfrau) who taught German at Thomas Downey High School, IIRC. At least that's what I remember hearing in high school. She was a great instructor, and I always enjoyed her class. One of my classmates, Jerry, now works for Pixar. Another, Carole, who I think wanted to study psychology, is now practicing law somewhere in the Midwest.


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