Friday, March 25, 2011

Walkin' through the park

Today, instead of going to the gym, or riding my bike, I chose to walk through the park. I followed my normal bike path route and pushed through:
DC Bike Path: Endurance march through the park. (8.85) miles in (2:34:57.31) hrs., Pace: (17:31) min./mile. Calories burned: (1014) Cal., HR-avg.: (121) BPM, HR-max: (140) BPM. [I think I need better walking shoes for this...]

Not bad. If I can keep this up for a couple of weeks, maybe my muscles will feel up to jogging a bit. Will have to see if I can maintain this. Right now, it feels like I overdid it since my quads, hams and calves are feeling the burn. Just had a banana smoothie, so I hope that helps with cramps. Now I better bathe, stretch and eat dinner.

P.S. Did I mention the chafing? Oof! I guess I better buy some running shorts, or go commando. These cotton boxer-briefs chafe too much when damp with sweat...

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