Sunday, March 27, 2011


I finally dragged myself out of the house Saturday afternoon and hit the gym:
MCR: Abs/Back/Obliques/Calf/Glute machines: (34) min. Cardio Room: (35) min. Stationary Bike: None today. No Calorie burn data.

I wanted to use the stationary bike after the Cardio Room, but felt like I already hit the wall after one (1) hour of exercise. The current weather forecast looks good for Sunday, so maybe I'll get some road bike time in the park.

Which reminds me, on the return leg of my forced march through the park I started to experience a weird vertigo-like visual effect: The landscape appeared to be receding away from me, even though I was advancing toward it. I noticed this first while I was walking, and had to stop and verify that what I was seeing was happening. It was like standing backward on an airport slide-walk, like at the Luxor in Las Vegas. I knew I was standing still, and I was not leaning or falling over, but the terrain still looked like it was moving away from me. If you've watched any Hitchcock films I'm sure you will recognize the effect: the camera lenses are focusing/zooming in toward the subject, and at the same time the camera dolly is being pulled back away from the subject. Or wait, maybe the camera is zooming out while being dollied forward. Here's the reference: Dolly Zoom.

I wish I had taken my camera on the walk: The river has risen quite a bit, and there was a section of the riverbank that appears to have fallen in recently. Since my camera has a video record function, it would have been nice to record a bit of the river movement and sound, especially when I noticed a section of tree stump floating down the river: it was caught briefly in an eddy, then moved back out into the river downstream.

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