Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I have been indecisive about which way to exercise today: Try a jog in the park with my new gear, or go to the gym and use the treadmill after my regular cardio workout. Since I have not been to the gym since Saturday, I better do the gym; I can run in the park tomorrow. In the meantime, I am working on laundry, so that is a bonus.

More later.

1818 hrs. Finally got to the gym and had a decent work out:

MCR: Ab/Back/Calf/Glute machines: (32) min. Treadmill (Jog/Walk): (29) min. (1.5) miles. No Calorie data.
My training plan is not exactly "on-target" at this time. I am using the New Balance 5K Beginner plan since I am so far out of running shape. Today was supposed to be a brisk walk for thirty (30) minutes. I did this instead: Walk (5) min., Jog (5) min., Walk (5) min.; Walk (5) min., Jog (5) min., Walk (5) min. So that covered (30) min. And my knees don't even ache like they did the last time I used the treadmill. I had to make a conscious effort to keep my feet landing under me (mid-foot) rather than ahead of me (heel); I think I mostly succeeded.

I considered the Beginner 10K plan, but that looks too optimistic for me right now. Gotta' start somewhere and I cannot afford to over do it if I actually want to be ready for the Bay to Breakers.

I scheduled a physical with my doctor online for this Friday, so can relax about that part. The new socks felt pretty good running on the treadmill. I'll try them out running in the park soon; they also work in my cycling shoes so I will have to try that out soon, as well. I feel energized enough to go ride now, but better safe than sorry.


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