Monday, March 28, 2011


So, I got the call that my bike was ready to be picked up at about (17:50) hrs. today. My ride had just left and I thought maybe I could hoof it to the bus stop in time to catch the bus that travels past the bike shop. Not quite. But at least I did get some walking in today:
Walking: (2.26) miles. Calories burned: (259) Calories. Max speed: (5.2) MPH. Avg Speed: (3.4) MPH. Pace: (17:50) min./mile.

I got some exercise, at least, but I think I will go check out the local Sports Authority and buy some running shorts before I pursue anymore vigourous walking/jogging activities. I hope they actually carry my size and don't tell me I have to look online because they don't carry sizes that large, which is what happened when I looked for cycling shorts...

During my walk I also noticed that the squirrels seem to have taken over the parking lot in Moose Park. Walking through the park next to that lot looks pretty hazardous, too, since the squirrels have holes dug almost everywhere, even in the lot itself, since there are bare patches where the asphalt has been removed, or just broken up. I even saw PVC pipe through one of the holes dug up in that parking lot.


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