Sunday, March 27, 2011

To the bike shop!

Bike Ride, 2011-03-27.

I rode my bike (6.29) miles to the bike shop, World of Wheels, to drop it off for it's first-ever tune-up since I received it for X-mas, 2003. The handle-bars, seat post, and saddle have been adjusted. We'll see if my fingers and toes stop going to sleep post-adjustment. Just sitting on the bike after the adjustments done today, the position feels much more neutral, and I don't feel any weight on my hands while gripping the handle-bars. Seems like a good start.

Once I dropped off my bike, I followed my path back on foot and walked (3.32) miles over variable terrain: sidewalks, asphalt, muddy paths with, and without, rocks. By the time I got to Roseburg Square I was ready to call it a day: my toes were already aching and felt crammed into the toes of my shoes. Maybe I need different socks? At any rate, I was now in Roseburg Square and felt the need for a frozen yogurt from the Yogurt Mill; it's a Facebook page, and they have an entry on Yelp!, but apparently no standalone web-site.

Garmin Training Center tells me I burned (714) Calories from this exercise today, but I may have gained it all back with my FroYo with M&M pieces. Maybe I'll check the Calorie data next time I'm at the Yogurt Mill.

I should be able to pick up my bike tomorrow evening. I'm looking forward to it. B-)


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