Saturday, April 02, 2011

Saturday Training

I went to the gym to work on Abs/Back/Lats/Calf/Glutes using the Cybex machines. that took forty (40) minutes. After I got home I hydrated, had a Blueberry Gu power gel (not bad), more water, then out for my Walk/Jog practice:
DC Bike Path: Walk (10)min., Jog (5)min., Walk (5), repeat. Total distance: (2.86) miles. Pace (avg.): (16:46)min./mile. Speed-max: (5.3) mph. Speed-avg.: (3.6)mph. Burned: (332) Calories. Felt better overall, and did not over do it w/ add'l walking.
My knees were still a little achy during the jog part, though not beforehand. When I woke up this morning I had an ache in my right foot (top, right, in front of the ankle), but i think I worked that out during the calf exercises at the gym. It did not act up during my jog/walk. I did notice a weird rubber-bandy feeling in my right lower leg, like a rubber-band was rubbing back and forth (left to right) below my right knee. Not sure what that is, and forgot to ask the doctor about it Friday. I did notice it during Thursdays training, though. I better email the doctor about it, and see what she says.

Last night I went out to Vito's because I friend was DJ'ing. Since I went early, for a change, I ate dinner, too. They were out of pizza dough (mainly served at lunch), so I had the Chicken Gorgonzola Salad, and appetizer bread; the salad was terrific and the bread was tasty, as always. I had a good time, but only danced a little bit. I was home by midnight, but ended up staying up late watching TV. The Book of Eli was pretty good, even though I heard poor reviews. It was depressing, but not quite as much as The Road. I definitely need to get out and see more movies in theaters, rather than waiting for them all to come out on On-Demand, or NetFlix.

Good training for the day overall. Time to eat!


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