Friday, April 01, 2011

Doctor's Appointment

Today I had my doctor's appointment. The physical was OK. I need to schedule blood-work. I really want to see if my cholesterol has improved since I started working out. She did say that I looked healthier overall, and not tired and worn-out, they way I used to look, especially after working at the call-center. Unemployment and exercise appear to agree with me. B-) My doctor also mentioned that three (3) miles of cycling is equivalent to one (1) mile of jogging, or running. I never knew that. She also recommended I listen to my body and don't over do the running so I minimize the chance for injuries. Since my left knee and right ankle were aching when I woke up this morning, I figured a low-impact workout with my bicycle would be a good idea:

DC Bike Path: Rode the bike path, one lap, out and back. Burned (600) Calories, Pace: (5:24) min./mile. Speed-Max: (15.7) mph, Speed-avg: (11.1) mph. Bike tuned and riding position adjusted 2011-03-27. Cycling shoes, new Thorlos padded running socks. Toes still went numb, this time at about mile (3.24).

Perhaps these Thorlos socks were a mistake. The staffer at Fleet Feet recommended against using them, since they are single layer only, and won't prevent rubbing and blisters. I can probably still use them as gym socks when I workout at the gym. My ride today was good, though lots of people were out on the path enjoying the warm weather. Sadly, the gnats and other flying critters that gather in the shady spots of the park were out in huge numbers. There were so many I could hear them bouncing off my shirt, shades and my helmet. In fact, quite a few got in around my wraparound shades, but they did not dive into my eyes. I wanted to ride a second lap, but the prospect of riding through all those gnats again did not appeal. Also, on the return path riding back up out of the park, my chain jumped off the rear sprockets, so I had to get my fingers greasy to fix it. I don't think the chain has ever jumped off since I got this bike. I wonder what they are using at the bike shop...

Anyway, better get showered and ready for some dancing tonight. More exercise, with beer!


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