Sunday, April 03, 2011


Today I slept in late to ensure I got enough sleep for a change. I went to the movies and saw The Adjustment Bureau, finally, now that is down to only one (1) showing a day. I enjoyed the movie, though it was a little predictable. Finally went out for a walk today, as part of my 5K training plan:

Surface Streets: Walked for (30) min. as part of training plan for 5K (for B2B). Knees still achy. Burned: (190) Calories. Pace-avg: (18:10) min./mile.

I think I may need to work with a trainer, or just stick to the treadmill at the gym for a while, and see if my knees ache less the day after, or not.  Anyway, I got it done, and am keeping up the chain in Voomaxer. B-)


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