Tuesday, April 05, 2011


So I finally got out for a bit of running training today:

DC Bike Path: Walk/jog/walk: (1.93) miles, Pace-avg: (17:40) min./mile. Speed-max: (4.5) mph. Total mileage including cool-down walk home: (2.87) miles. Burned: (330) Calories. Knees are feeling it.

Before I went out today, I tried doing some squats to warm up my quads and hams. Sunday, I was reading my old copy of The Doctor's Book of Home Remedies (c.1990),  and it recommended doing strength exercises for quads and hams as a way to help improve knee strength and support. I should also be using the Cardio Circuit room at the gym like I had been before I started this training program. Obviously, I should also have been doing some walking and more to build up my knee strength long before I started this effort.

In the meantime, I will modify the training plan so I am only jogging one (1) to two (2) minutes during each phase of the walk/jog/walk plan. This way I should be able to work my way up to longer periods without crippling myself before the Bay to Breakers, because that would just suck.

I also found a flexible ice pack, with sleeve, at Walgreen's today, so I can ice my knees after my training rather than relying solely on ibuprofen to cope with my aching knees. I wish I could find my old ice-packs. They came with fabric sleeves which could be wrapped around joints with a Velcro closure, sort of like an Ace bandage.


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Dorinda_Roo said...

Knees are a bad design if you ask me. Always causing trouble! I dislocated my right Knee when I was about 26...26 for peets sake! It gives me trouble all the time, but I can usually cope. Keep up the good work Lance! I'm hoping your dedication will rub off on me and maybe I'll get my fat ass moving again.