Tuesday, April 05, 2011


Today I went to the gym for the first time in a couple of days. I spent (35) minutes in the "Fit in 30" room doing cardio and strength exercise, used the Seated Squat machine (3x 20 reps @ [70] lbs.), then the Cybex Calf Raise machine for (3x 15 reps. @ [40] lbs.). I tried using different toe postions (straight ahead, toe out, toe in) and definitely felt more work in different parts of my calves. I will have to remember to use it the same way each time, going forward.
When I got home I had to dump the memory in my Garmin ForeRunner 305; apparently, it was full and did not record my HR data for the gym portion of today's workout. I was also able to export all the data from my Garmin TC (MacOSX) and import it into Garmin TC (Windows). Everything was copied across, including all my notes. Awesome! So today's jogging training went like:

DC Bike Path: Jogging training: (1.86) miles Walk/jog/walk. Total mileage: (2.12) miles. Pace-avg: (17:53) min./mile. Burned (243) Calories. Knees are feeling it.

I continued using the format: Walk (10) min., Jog (2) min., Walk (5) min.; repeat. Since I got home and stretched, I have not felt the dire need to ice my knees, but probably will before I got to sleep, anyway. I think today's gym workout helped get my knees warmed up for the jogging bit today. Bonus!

Also, since I use Voomaxer on FaceBook, and FB has been having issues with Voomaxer the last couple of days (the programmers are still trying to get a response from FB) I have been using the Voomaxer web-site in it's place. I found I was able to export the data from Voomaxer via "Manage > Export" and download it as a CSV (comma-separated values) file. I was then able to open that file in OpenOffice.org (Calc) and everything showed up in the spreadsheet, including all my notes. Bitchin'!


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