Thursday, April 07, 2011


Got a very late start on my workout today: I was up late, again, and woke up about 1800 hrs. Since the temps are down due to the rain, et al., I went to the gym for my workout:

MCR: "Fit In 30" Room: (35) min. Treadmill: (35) min. Walk (10) min., Jog (1.5) min., Walk: (5) min., repeat. (1.70) miles. Burned: (201) Calories [LifeFitness Treadmill].

Since my Garmin does not calculate Calories burned based on Heart Rate (it uses distance travelled) I also use a Calories Burned calculator I found on a web-site. Whether or not it is highly accurate is irrelevant: I just want a general idea of how many Calories I am burning so I don't overeat after my workouts. Maybe once I am employed I will consider getting one of the newer Garmin ForeRunner GPS watches, since they are supposed to use HR to calculate Calories burned; this will be helpful during gym workouts in particular. I received my Garmin FR305 as an X-mas gift (as already mentioned) so I want to get as much use out of it as I can without feeling like I got what I asked for then, chuck it in a desk drawer to gather dust.

Made some more adjustments to the blog layout, colors and background image.


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