Saturday, April 09, 2011


I wanted to take a training break today, but that exercise bug (Bugus exersisus) just wouldn't let me. It must be taking deeper root in my psyche. I warmed up with squats (3x 20) using an empty straight-bar (not sure how much it weighs, maybe [5-10] lbs.), then one set of squats using my curl bar with (20) lbs. of weights (not sure how much the curl-bar weighs, either; maybe I should get a suspension scale, so I can hang the bars off it and get that measurement...).

DC Bike Path: Walk/jog/walk, repeat. (1.75) miles. Pace-avg: (18:20) min./mi. Speed-avg: (3.3) mph. Burned: (204) Calories. Knees are hangin' in there.

Cool, windy, but no gnats harassing me today. B-)  I actually set-up a workout in Garmin Training Center last night, and loaded it on my FR305. I used it today, and it worked out well. The display did not complain about my HR being too low, and I could hear the chimes easily enough over my iPod. I do need to add at least (5-10) minutes on the end for the cool-down walk home, though.

I'm thinking of buying a new iPod. I'm interested in the iPod shuffle, which I can just clip onto my shirt, or other garment, while exercising. This way I can leave the larger iPod nano (3rd Gen., 8 GB) at home. I bought an armband for the nano on eBay a month ago, and it's working out well, but having it strapped around my bicep can be a little irksome during parts of my gym workouts. The new iPod nano (6th Gen., Multi-touch) is pretty sweet. One of the accessories I saw for it was a wrist-band that let's you wear it like a watch, and an option (already included in the nano) that let's you display a watch-face on the screen (analog, or digital). Silly? Trivial? Maybe, but it still strikes me as cool.

iPod Playlist (workout): Oingo Boingo - Best O Boingo, Orgy - Candyass, Oingo Boingo - Dead Man's Party, Lady Gaga - The Fame, Rammstein - Sehnsucht, DJ Brian (mixed by) - Hardesertrance 2.



Dorinda_Roo said...

I never thought I would read someone referring to the iPod Nano as 'larger'. Chords are irksome during workouts. Is the iPod Nano Bluetooth compatible? Maybe you could use cordless earbuds?

Lancer!! said...

The earphone cords I have now are far less irksome: they are "Philips earhook headphones" (part no. SHS4841, purchased from Target) and they have ear-loops so they stay in my ears far better than the original 'buds that came with the iPod. My iPod nano is not Bluetooth compatible. The iPod shuffle I was talking about does not appear to be, either. I run the cords up my sleeve and out my shirt collar, which works fine for my needs.