Friday, May 06, 2011

Friday Funday

Since I'm a recovering slacker, I worked out twice today. First at the gym:

MCR: Stationary Bike: (3.77)miles. Burned: (99) Calories. Weight Machines: for legs and abs. Almost wanted to ralf.

Then in the park: 
DC Bike Path: Cycling. (8.83) miles. Pace-avg: (5:28)min./mi. Burned: (504) Calories.

It feels good to get this much exercise for a change. I have been woefully slack about using the gym the last couple weeks. I warmed up on the upright Stationary Bike for (13) minutes to try and get my knees loosened up and my heart going. I used the Leg Curl machine at the gym for the first time ever, and pulled a muscle in my left rib-cage area using only (40) pounds of weight in the process. I managed (2x) sets of 10-15 reps each. Next time I use it, I will go with the lowest weight, (20) pounds, I believe. The pulled muscle caused a sharp, stabbing pain. I managed to use the Leg Press, Seated Leg Press and Leg Extension machines successfully, i.e. without aggravating that sharp, stabbing pain; I was happy.

After the leg machines I proceeded to the core workout section: Ab Crunch machine, Back Extension machine, different Ab Crunch machine, then the Lateral/Oblique Machine. By the time I was done with that, I actually wanted to ralf. I even felt weak enough that I might soil myself; I did not. Yay! for intestinal fortitude. This need to hurl may have been from not actually eating anything more than a GU Pineapple Roctane before my workout, but I got up late and wanted to use the park after the gym so I could also get some time in the sun, so I pressed on regardless. (Yes, I did hydrate before, during and after the gym.) My legs felt mighty noodle-like by the end of my workout, and I had to stagger slowly down the stairs like an (80) year old man afraid he's going to slip and break his hip.

Once I got home I ate a banana and an orange, chugged some water, put on my cycling shoes and hit the trail, so to speak. Pretty windy this afternoon, but the ride in the park was good all the same. I did have to wait for a couple to direct their toddler out of the way (so glad I am in the habit of announcing myself when approaching pedestrians in the park; LEFT!), then I nearly ran over a dog that just stared at me and blithely walked straight at my front tire. Dummy. I am pretty sure his keeper was the knuckle head jogging along-side him without a leash. Sheesh. I wish these dogs would keep their pet humans under better control.

Still counting down to the Bay to Breakers next week. Gotta' get my run on tomorrow for sure, and at least tree (3) more days next week.

Better shower and eat before it gets later.



P said...

Ha, ha, ha!! Intestinal fortitude is a wonderful thing, for sure. :)

Lancer!! said...

I hope I don't have to practice it too vigourously during the B2B. Those porta-crappers can be mighty nasty...