Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tuesday Run

Recipe: (1) cup almond milk + (1) banana, peeled + (1) large dollop of honey == Tasty post-run treat. B-) Despite my slacker nature, I did get out for my training "run," which was a couple of days late:

DC Bike Path: Walk/Jog/Walk: (8.62) mi. Pace-avg: (18:03)min./mi. Speed-Max: (5.0)mph. Burned: (963) Calories. [I really hope that is correct.] Total Jog distance: (1.12) miles.

Okay, for some reason during my last training run last week I did something that put my knees back in "continuous ache" mode. Even after I stretched out, took some ibuprofen, and iced my knees, they continued to ache all the way up to my run today. After troubleshooting a bit the last couple days my conclusions are these:
1.) Due to anxiety to just get out and run, I warmed up badly by jumping straight into squats with (20) lbs. of weight on the curl-bar; I usually warm up with unweighted squats, then another set with an empty weight bar.
2.) Somehow, I completely forgot about my post-run calf-stretches for the last two (2) weeks. I always do hamstring, and quad stretches post training, especially when I use the "Fit in 30" room at the gym, after I bicycle, and after my training runs pre-San Diego trip, but I had somehow completely forgotten about the standing calf-stretches. After trying some yesterday, I immediately felt just how tight my knees (and surrounding muscles) were.

Last night (about 0200 hrs.) I did some weight-lifting at home with my empty weight-bar, my curl-bar with (30) lbs. of plates, plus a dumb-bell with (11) lbs. of plates. After several sets of squats (plus other exerises) with the different weights, then stretching out, my knees finally felt more loose, and much less achy and tight.

Today's training run was so-so. My speed was lower than it has been in the last two (2) weeks. Now that I have diagnosed my current knee issues I hope I will be able to pick up the pace again. *fingers-crossed* On the plus side, I now know it takes almost forever to walk just less than half of the B2B distance of (7.46) miles.

Garmin TC: To save time on calculations, I copied my entries from today into a new folder so the software could just do it for me. (I make too many simple arithmetic errors when I do it by hand, or even with a calculator.) To make room, I deleted the two (2) entries from 2011-04-29. That was a mistake. Even though the entries appeared to have been "duplicated" so that one set was in the month folder, and the other was in the temp folder I was using, once I deleted the entries, the originals were gone, too. *sigh* So much for working smarter. I would not have worried, except that I already deleted the entries from the FR305 watch. Dumb-ass. Now I know one more thing not to do with my Garmin watch. [The first is not to let the history get completely full, because then new entries are not recorded, obviously.] Voomaxer still has the mileage data, thankfully.

Mother's Day: On Mother's Day [2011-05-08] my brother talked Mom into finally taking her bicycle out for a spin. She bought it a couple of years ago at Wal-Mart, but had yet to use it. She says it has been about thirty (30) years since she last rode a bicycle. My brother and I had to help her adjust the seat height and angle, and he took off the front fender because it kept rubbing against the tire, no matter how tightly it was attached to the frame, then we had to take off a piece that was rubbing against the right-side crank arm. Once the adjustments were made Mom took off for a a few laps around the block. We were expecting her to just ride up and down the street, in case she fell off and hurt herself, and which she kept joking she just might do, but happily she did no such thing. We would have taken her out to breakfast, but she has been on a medical liquid diet since February, and won't be able to eat regular food for a couple more months. She is very happy with the weight she has been losing between the diet, walking around the neighborhood and working out at the gym. Happy Mother's Day, Mom!


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