Saturday, May 14, 2011


Good morning! I am currently experiencing some pre-race anxiety. As previously mentioned, the Bay to Breakers total distance is 12K, about (7.46) miles. I plan to alternate walking and jogging. I even have a "workout" loaded on my Garmin GPS watch so it will ping me at the different intervals, i.e. when to walk, when to run. The workout only had room for 20 lines, so hopefully that will carry me all the way through to the finish line. If not, the last line of the workout is "Cooldown," which goes until I hit the Lap or Stop buttons.

I bought a light running jacket a couple weeks back at Sports Authority. It's polyester, and only a size "Large," but i am shrinking to fit it. I have running socks, double-layer, synthetic, i.e. the Wright Sock that I have mentioned in the past. I have covered the distance of the B2B in the park at least once on foot, and most of it was walking, but I had no blisters from that, so I should be fine. The path I use in the park when cycling is (8.86) miles, which is less than the B2B.

I am expecting rain during the Bay to Breakers tomorrow, based solely on, and temperatures during the the day are expected to be between (48) and (55) deg.F. [Maybe I should have checked an almanac before I signed up for this.] I believe there may have been some light drizzle from time to time during the 1984 Bay to Breakers, and I do recall there was fog in the Panhandle once I got there. At the time it was a great relief, because it had warmed up since the start of the race, and I was mighty hot from all the running and walking. I have no running rain gear, so i am hoping just adding a layer (the running jacket) and wearing a ball-cap will help some. I also have my Under Armor ninja hood, and a neck gaiter to keep the breeze off my neck. [I always get a cold, or something, if my neck is exposed when it's cold out; or when I am sweating and get too much evaporative cooling.]

And, I don't have a waterproof container for my iPod. The running jacket has a small zip pocket, though, which appears to fit my iPod nano hard-case. I have a fanny-pack I may be able to use to carry my cell-phone and sport gels, but I haven't run with it yet, so I'm not sure if i should use it, or not. I would need to snug it up a bit to minimize bouncing, and probably move it around so it bounces on my fanny and not my bits; that would be mighty uncomfortable.

Bib Number: (51572)

Corral: G (brown)


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P said...

No need for anxiety - you've totally got this!! B2B is nothing but a big ol' party, just enjoy it and don't worry so much about the details. The first year I did it was the rainiest year ever, they cancelled Footstock and it was a long, horrible day. Pretty much every other year, though, I've gotten a sunburn. It's always cold at the start, hot through Golden Gate Park and freezing at the ocean. Take lots of pictures!! I can't wait to hear how it goes for you!