Friday, April 27, 2012

Oof! CrossFit#7

Friday, 2012-04-27

Survived CrossFit session #7 with only a few hours sleep; somewhere between (2-3.5)hrs., I think. I just couldn't stay asleep last night. Not sure why.

Anyway: Ran (0.25)mi. @ (10:04) pace for a total time of (2:30.69)min. Now, if I can only sustain that over longer distances and times. :-)  I did this after some initial stretching and as a warm-up.

My trainers brother helped with tips on Figure (4) Pose Running form, and practice tips.

Managed the following with a (35)lb. Kettle-bell: (8), (8), (9), (7) swings. Woof!

Planks (toes and elbows): (42) sec., (28)sec., (31)sec.
Push-ups: (10)
Sit-ups (straight-legged): (10)
Squats (w/ PVC bar): (10)
Sled-drive (empty): (4) reps., there and back.

Looking forward to a couple days off to recover.


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