Tuesday, May 08, 2012

CrossFit Update

Wednesday, 2012-05-02 Session #8
Having trouble remembering this workout (1) week later, but it was hard enough to keep me gasping for air.
Duration: (1)hr., (11)min. Avg. HR: (145)bpm, Max HR: (172)bpm. Burned: (235) Calories (estimated).

Friday, 2012-05-04 Session #9
We started out running over to the nearby church and practiced running in their parking lot.
CrossFit Running: Bounding, Sprints, Backpedaling, Supine to Knees to Sprints, Push-ups off the vehicle barrier.
Strength Training: Crunches on an exercise ball (65cm), Squat-Jumps w/ Medicine Ball Pushes, Planks (Forearms and Toes).

Tuesday, 2012-05-08 Session #10
Today I brought a notebook to log at least some of my CrossFit, and solo workout.
Breakfast: (1x) Raisin Bran muffin, (1x) cup coffee w/ milk and sugar.

Cycle (3.56)mi. to MCR in (20:55.93)min.
CrossFit: Duration: (56:36)min. Avg. HR: (148)bpm. Max HR: (182)bpm. Burned: (183) Calories.
Stretching legs and arms. Practice using foam roller on calves, hamstrings, quads, and inner thighs. My trainer emphasized that I need to use the roller for at least (2) continuous minutes for it to have a noticeable effect.

Wall Pushes (running in place with hands on the wall) emphasizing open hips and lifting those feet: (12)min. total.
Bench Presses (w/ straight bar on weight bench): 4x sets of diff reps.: 12, 10, 8, 10.
Squats (using squat rack): 3x (12) reps. same weight

Solo Workout:
Cybex Ab Crunch: 10x reps. @ (90)lbs.; 10x reps. @ (110)lbs.; 3x reps. @ (120)lbs. w/ lap-belt.
Cybex Back Extension: 10x reps. @ (100)lbs.; 10x reps. @ (110)lbs. w/ lap-belt.

Air Rows (seated): 20x reps., 10x reps., 10x reps.
Supine Straight-Leg Lifts: 10x reps.
Supine Lower Ab Curls (Legs Vertical): 3x (10) reps.
Plank (Forearms and Toes): 1x (60)sec.
Jump Rope: (44) jumps continuous; HR: (172) bpm.

After all that, I was shaking a little. So I drank more water, consumed (1x) PowerBar Gel (Strawberry-Banana), and then drank more water.

Cycle from MCR to World of Wheels, then to On The Run, then home. Dist: (10.85)mi. in (1:10:46.47)hrs.

Burned: (1071) Calories with the above activities.

Lunch: (1x) glass Gatorade (Orange, from powdered); (1x) small bowl of steamed white rice w/ left over Trader Joe's Sweet'n'Sour Chicken; (1x) sandwich (Turkey, Turkey bacon, Pepperjack cheese, tomatoes on toasted wheat bread).

Once I got showered and cleaned up, I got into my compression tights and top, got my legs elevated, and tried to talk myself into going to the track for a workout with the Shadow Chase Running Group; I did not succeed. I think I already had too much fun for one day, and needed to save some for tomorrow. *oof!*


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