Thursday, August 02, 2012

Tuesday Moonlight Easy Run

2012-07-31 Tuesday

Today's plan calls for an Easy Run.

DC Bike Path: 1/2 Marathon Training, Easy Run. Dist: (3.11)mi. Pace-avg: (14:38). Speed-avg: (4.1)mph. Speed-max: (5.7)mph. Burned: (327) Calories. HR-avg: (159).

Plan: Run (3.0)mi. @ an avg. (17:58) pace for a total time of (53:55)min.
Actual: Run/walk (3.11)mi. @ an avg. (14:58) pace for a total of (45:23.39)min. followed by a cool-down walk.
Fuel: Pre-run: Honey Stinger Chews (Orange Blossom); Mid-run: (water); Post-run: dinner!

Just imagine it's night, with a near full-moon shining bright...

Splits: (14:18), (14:36), (15:19), (11:55) for the last (.011)mi.

Other News: CrossFit training is still going well. On June 30th I was able to execute several sets of Shoulder Presses @ (55)lbs. [From my notebook]:
10 reps.@(45)lbs.; 7 reps. @(45)lbs. 5 reps. @(45)lbs.; 5 reps. @(55)lbs.; 5 reps. @(55)lbs.

Today I was able to max out at (65)lbs. on the Shoulder Press [From my notebook]:
1 rep @(65)lbs.; 5 reps. @(55)lbs.; 5 reps. @(50)lbs.; 5 reps. @(50)lbs.
Here I focused on trying to keep better form with my elbows out front and closer together throughout the movement; I definitely felt the difference during execution.

Back on June 30th I was able to Back Squat (95)lbs. several times [From my notebook]:
8 reps. @(95)lbs.; 10 reps. @(95)lbs.; 10 reps. @(95)lbs.; 10 reps. @(95)lbs.

On July 28th I was able to PR @ (135)lbs. [From my notebook]:
 5 reps. @ (95)lbs.; 5 reps. @(115)lbs.; 3 reps. @(125)lbs.; 5 reps. @(125)lbs.; 5 reps. @(135)lbs.

Jump-rope work has improved a good bit: 
May 8th: (44) continuous jumps in a row, double-bounce between rope revolutions. HR pegged @ (172)bpm.
June 30th: (82) continuous, break/trip on rope, then on to (100). Still double-bounce between revolutions.
July 31st: (10) jumps, rest, (27) jumps, rest, (40) continuous jumps w/ single bounce between revolutions.

For me, that's really big. I was able to get the rope spinning faster and faster towards the end, with my elbows in and my wrists a little closer to my hips. I also discovered that to keep my breathing rhythm I had to exhale on landing, and inhale on lift-off. My earlier effort the last couple weeks with the single-bounce jumps had me flummoxed because I could not maintain a useful breathing rhythm. Also, practicing the jumps without the rope beforehand, to try and get the bounce rhythm was very useful. I soft of figured that out on my own, and my trainer has encouraged it. This effort is geared towards eventually executing Double-Unders, i.e. executing two revolutions of the rope between jumps. Still looks a little tricky, but I am getting there.


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