Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Track Workout with the 2013 Modesto Marathon (Adult) Training Group

2012-09-25 Tuesday
Track Workout with the 2013 Modesto Marathon (Adult) Training Group

Today's workout started awkwardly: I get in the car and the engine won't turnover. I turn the key and get a *click* *click* *click*  Me: *sigh*

On to Plan B! Get on my bicycle and peddle! Peddle! Peddle! I make it (2.53)mi. in (14:11)min. Sweet! Now that I'm warmed up a bit I join the rest of the group on the track: 4x 400m warm-up. I choose the run/walk option, just so I don't burn out too fast. After the warm-up the group collects in one area for a presentationm and practicum, in warm-up stretching. Once we have completed this the training group breaks up into three groups: Walkers, Run/Walkers (Galloway method), and Runners. I join the Run/Walkers. I missed this group on Saturday during our first training session. [I'll come back to that.]

MJC East Campus track. 2012-08-28

Bonnie leads the run/walkers: We (slow)run the straights on the track, then walk the curves/corners, (slow)run the straights, then walk the curves/corners. Repeat for a total of four (4) laps, then run/walk, or just walk in my case (and a few others), a final four (4) laps for the cool-down.

Drink some water, then peddle back home (3.33)mi. in (21:20)min. via a slightly different path.

Good workout!!

Minutes of exercise: (83) min., approx.
Calories burned: (687) Calories, approx.

2013 Modesto Marathon Training Group
On 08.September.2008 I signed up for the 2013 Modesto Marathon Adult Training Group. This was the second informational meeting the Modesto Marathon group held. Sign-ups were taking place the same day. Following the presentation I decided to go whole hog and sign-up for the full marathon for next year, renew my ShadowChase Running Club membership, and get the training group hat and bright green training shirt (long-sleeve, since winter weather is coming).

First Group Run
2012-09-22 Saturday
Our first training run was Saturday, 22.September.2012. We met in the SaveMart parking lot, collected our training t-shirts, used the ShoeFitr device that On The Run brought (for those of us that were interested).

Once we were semi-organized we headed off to the park on foot at a brisk walk to warm-up, about (0.7)mi., then it was a "run at your own pace as far as you like" option. From the picnic gazebo to the water fountain out in the middle of the park is about (1.5)mi., so I chose to go slow and just do (3.0)mi. total. Important tip: I learned there were additional restrooms up the hill above that mid-park water fountain. The golf course has restrooms, a snack bar, and a pro shop, and their hours are 0700-1800hrs. seven (7) days a week; at least, that's what I saw posted. If I had known this the week before, when I was in the park helping with the ShadowChase monthly park clean-up, I would have been much better off when I decided to hike through the rest of the park afterwards, and ended up under-fueled during the return leg. Live and learn, assuming it don't kill ya', which it kinda' felt like at the time...

Looking forward to more group training runs (and solo runs) over the coming months. :-)


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