Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Monday Madness, with a side of catch-up

So...it's been I while since I posted an update...

2012-09-24, Monday
I started off the day with a (5.0)mi. run/walk at about an (18:22) pace. I spent a little more time in the sun than expected, and have a touch of burn for it. :-/

A nice day for a run in the park.

Later, I went to my Self-Defence class. Combatives is still awesome, but today was a light-weight day: Flow Exercises to practice footwork and deflecting your opponent, rather than the usual high-speed attack sessions. No bruises today. Woo-HOO!

Warm-up exercises:
Crunches: (40) reps. 3x;
Planks: (30)sec. 3x;
Half-squats: (30) reps @ (60)sec.; (16) reps. @ (30)sec. 2x; (20) reps. @ (30)sec.
Push-ups: (11) reps. 2x

After class I took a break, ate some HoneyStinger Chews, then proceeded to a solo workout.

Solo CrossFit(-ish) Workout

Jump Rope: (180) jumps in about (5)min., with breaks.
Kettlebell Swings: (26)lb. KB: (20)reps., (15)reps., (20)reps.
Seated Calf Raise: (50)lbs. @ (20)reps. 3x.

My first Kettlebell, (26)lbs.

CrossFit Tuesday w/ RJ
2012-08-21 Tuesday

Warm-up: High Knees, Butt-Kickers
Bear Crawl: fwd/rev.
Crab Walk: fwd/rev.
Burpees: (7)x
Jumping Jacks: (30)x
Wall-Sits: 1x @ (30)sec.; 1x @ (40)sec.; 1x @ (30)sec.
Hammer ISO-Row: (10)x @ (55)lbs. (vertical grop), 3x sets; (5)x @ (55)lbs. (vertical grip), 1x set.
Hammer ISO-Pulldown: (35)lbs. ea. side: (10) reps., 3x
Hammer ISO-Front Military Press: (25)lbs. ea. side: (10)reps., 2x
Pull-up Bar (Supported): Hold (15)sec., (20)sec.
Overhead Squat: (20)lbs. @ (10)reps., 2x
Fran WOD: Thruster: (15)lbs., 21-15-9; Jump Pull-ups: 21-15-9; Time: (6:14)min. not including water and breather breaks.

2012-08-20 Monday
Post Combatives Solo Workout

Jump Rope: (50) jumps, non-consecutive
Wall Push-ups: (15) reps, 2x
Shoulder-Arm Warm-ups.
Planks (Straight Arm): (45)sec., 3x
Leg Raises (30-deg.): (15) reps., 3x
Straight-Arm Weight Hold (semi-squat): (10)sec., 4x, (3)lb. weight
Bench Press: (10)kg., (50) reps. quick.
Triceps Curl (bench, flat): (10)kg. @ (10) reps., 3x
Wall-Ball: (10)lbs. ball @ (10)reps.
Seated Calf Raise: (50)lbs. @ (15)reps., 3x
Standing Calf Raise (BW [bodyweight]): (10) reps. each leg
Bench Press: (45)lb. bar: (15)reps., 3x

2012-08-16 Thursday
Solo Workout

Fit In (30) Circuit Room: (3) laps in (36:08)min.
KB swings: (26)lbs @ (15)reps. 1x

CrossFit Tuesday
2012-08-14 Tuesday

Personal Vendetta Warm-up (I forget the details). Then on to:
Bench Press: 10x @ (45)lbs.; 15x @ (65)lbs.; 3x @ (90)lbs.; 3x @ (95)lbs. (A new PR!!)
Back Squat: 5x @ (95)lbs.; 5x @ (105)lbs.; 5x @ (135)lbs.; 1x @ (155)lbs.; 3x @ (145)lbs.
GHD Back Extension: (10) reps.
GHD Sit-ups: (20) reps.

(GHD: Glute-Hamstring Developer)

CrossFit Thursday OOF!
2012-08-09 Thursday

Tonight's workout was a real sweat-astic event, as usual.

Jump Rope: (30) jump, 3x
Plank: (15-30) sec., 3x

Practice hand-speed: Whip the jump-rope like a buggy whip on the down-stroke. Trying this greatly increased my rotational speed moving the 'rope, and I was even able to keep up for a good interval. :-)

Jerk Splits: Practice w/o the bar first, then with a wooden dowl.
Jerk Splits: (20)lbs. @ 6x; (30)lbs. @ 6x; (40)lbs. @ 6x; (50)lbs. @ 4x.
Kettlebell Swings: (55)lbs. @ 6x, 6x, 10x.
Wall Balls: Medicine Ball (20)lbs.: 6x, 10x, 10x.


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