Thursday, June 21, 2012

Fajita Thursday!

Tonight I made Chicken Fajitas. I haven't made them in a while, and was really craving them.

The (almost) end result.

 Here's how the prep and cook progressed.

First, thaw out and cook the chicken.

Almost half-way there...

Looks done now.

Slicing up the peppers, red, green and yellow.

Sauté those veggies (peppers and sliced yellow onion)!

Slicing up the cooked chicken breast.

My secret weapon.

Chicken has been fajita-sized, spice-wise...

The veggies have joined the chicken.

Heating up the refried frijoles.

Wrap it in a tortilla, with a side of beans, cheese and taco sauce.

Profile view of the plate.

And conclude dinner with a nice green salad with croutons, black pepper, and thousand island dressing.

Wow! That was good. I still have left-overs for tomorrow, even. Too bad I didn't have a dinner date for whom to cook, 'cuz she would have been totally impressed. :-)


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