Sunday, May 22, 2011

Slacker Days

OK. Too much slacker time this week. I need a new goal for training to keep motivated. I already mentioned the Modesto Classic Run. That's local, so I don't need my car to get there. In fact, I can walk there. Even if it is located in the Airport District, which has a long-standing perception of criminal activity, real or imagined, I need to at least go bike, or walk, the path to get to the park so I can see for myself just how sketchy it is, or isn't. It's been years since I was in that park. I think that was late 70's, or early 80's, when Mom would drop off my brother and I with the Salvation Army Day Camp during the summer.

I am also interested in the Las Vegas Marathon on December 4th, 2011. I first saw an ad for it in Competitor magazine, then also in Runner's World magazine. One of the ads included Team Challenge, which immediately caught my attention: I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in 1993 and it's been with me ever since. The doctor who first correctly diagnosed it said UC could be temporary, lasting a few months, or it could be a life-long chronic issue. It's managed through daily medication, but the first couple of years were very depressing. I was surprised to learn that one of my mother's relatives had suffered through it since she was a little girl. And my old dentist once had a dental assistant back in the 1960's who suffered from it.

Competitor magazine had a five (5) month training plan for running a marathon. It also depends on one being able to run continuously for (35) to (45) minutes before starting the plan. That is one of my next goals, just to be able to run long enough so I can start the training plan. This means I need to keep working on the initial 5k training plan I downloaded from New Balance

A former work colleague posted a link from Evil HR Lady. She is a regular on, a CBS property (the CBS Interactive Busniness Network). I read a few more of the links from Evil HR Lady about resumes, cover letters, and being a jerk, While being a jerk is entirely within my skill-set, a well-honed skill-set I might add, it is not something I practice when applying for jobs, although it may have inadvertently occurred during one or two interviews many years ago. The only interview I have had recently was with a recruiter in Stockton. In fact, I need to follow up with that recruiter and see if any newer jobs have come along that match my IT skill-set, rusty tho' it be.

As much as I want to get back into the IT field, you wouldn't know it by the dust on my books. I recently scoured my boxes and shelves of books to tease out where all my IT tomes reside, and place them in once convenient studying location. I was a little surprised at how many I have:
IT books galore

Any of you in the IT field, or who know me, have already listened to me prattle on about getting IT certifications. I certainly have the time on my hands so what's keeping me from it? Nothing but me, I can assure you. But in the meantime, I really need to at least get a part time job so I have some positive cash flow. I've been looking at the Security section on for private security jobs, which is not all that encouraging. It was even less encouraging when I applied just after the new year to my last security job employer, and they still had their X-mas help on-hand and trying to find enough hours for them. When security jobs are hard to come by you know the economy is in the toilet. Now that summer is nearly here and news stories are full of "Xis hiring!", "Y thousands of jobs are now available" I'm still reminded I should really relocate for better opportunities.

On top of the positive cash-flow aspects of working, it would also help give some structure to my days. Having so much free time, and less-than-ideal time management skills, does not work in my favor. Setting my alarm clocks helps a little bit, but more is needed.

Right now I'm running some laundry, so once that is taken care of I will get off the buttocks and go out to play in the streets and bike paths.

-Lancer!!  1700 hrs.

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