Saturday, May 28, 2011

Didn't Commit

I did not sign up for the Modesto Classic Run ahead of time: I missed the Wednesday cut-off date. I misremembered the Friday registration and packet pick-up time, and just didn't feel like going to the park for the race-day registration option this morning. *bleh*

Guess I better find something to sign-up for soon to keep myself motivated and continue this running thing. I kinda' keep forgetting that I've been an on-and-off smoker for the last twenty (20) years, which is keeping me from progressing faster with my running. Getting winded so easily bites, but at least I have been improving. *sigh*

Today's Weight: (203) lbs. That's something to smile about. I've been holding steady at (205.4) lbs. for over a week now.


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