Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Gym Time

Since I didn't run or ride today I went to the gym.

MCR: Weight Training: Duration (60) min. Machines: Ab Crunch= (90) lbs. @ (30) reps.; Back extension= (60) lbs. @ 3x (30) reps.; Ab/Oblique crunch= (90) lbs. @ 1x (30) reps.; Obliques= (80) lbs. 1x (30) reps. per side; Standing Calf Raises= (80) lbs. 3x @ (30) reps. [straight, outward, inward]; Hip Joint Extension= (100) lbs.  2x @ (30) reps. [1x each side]. Seated Squat Machine= (80) lbs. @ (30) reps.; Seated Leg Curl= (25) lbs. @ 30 reps., (45) lbs. @ (30) reps.; Seated Leg Extension= (80) lbs. @ 3x (30) reps. Bench Press= ~(45) lbs. empty bar @ (30) reps.

My pecs need some serious lift and definition; they are much too flabby. I should probably start a spreadsheet for these exercises and keep a pen and paper with me at the gym while I do these for more accurate record-keeping.

I was late getting to the gym because I wanted buy a new pair of sunglasses at Sports Authority. The pair I chose, Under Armour Zone XL (Polarized w/ Multiflection) were too snug with the anti-theft tag on the temp piece, and were just as snug once that was removed. I compared them to my $30.00 Rite Aid specials, and the frames have similar dimensions. I guess that explains why all three (3) pairs broke at the temple/frame intersection: too snug. The bridge seems round enough for my face on the broken pairs (StyleScience PolarVision HD), but the UA's are too narrow. I will have to take them back tomorrow and keep searching for a pair that fits my face better.

There was a pair of UA shades that did seem to fit well, even with the anti-theft device attached, but I thought they might be too large, and worse the ear-stem/temple-pieces are thick and opaque, which blocks my peripheral vision too much for my activities: running, cycling, and driving. The unrestricted wrap-around lenses on the StyleScience are what led me to stay with that model/style. P mentioned in her blog a pair of Ryders Eyewear brand that she really liked, the Vela. Looking through the site I think I like the Hex with Photo-Chromic Polarized lenses; although I have grown used to the polarized brown and prefer them over the grey polarized. I need to go to Pleasanton to find a shop that carries Ryders, according to their web-site, just so I can try them on for proper fit.

Also, my watch strap broke, so I need to go scour the local Target stores to see if they even carry that model watch anymore.


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