Thursday, May 19, 2011

Gone Runnin'

I went out "runnin'" again, after three (3) slack days. I also went for a bike ride:

DC Bike Path: Cycling. (8.83) miles. Speed-max: (15.1)mph. Pace-avg: (4:56)min./mi. Burned: (549) Calories.

DC Bike Path: Walk/Jog x4. Distance: (5.35) miles. Pace-avg: (16:56)min./mi. Speed-Max: (5.8)mph. Burned: (645) Calories. 

I set up a new workout on my Garmin: Walk (10) min., Jog (10) min.; repeat 4x total. I was unable to Jog for ten (10) continuous minutes as planned for each Jog phase, but I got close on the 3rd one: (6:59)min. By the 4th Jog phase it was too dark, so I just walked it. While there was enough light out to see where I was walking, I was hesitant to try jogging in the deep dusk. I was glad I took my Surefire flashlight along for the run.

Last night I reviewed the Good Form Running pages on the New Balance website. I watched the video a couple of times and read each of the pages covering the four elements: 1.) Posture, 2.) Mid-foot, 3.) Cadence, and 4.) Lean. The premise seems to be that with good posture, a mid-foot strike (rather than a heel strike), the right cadence (180 BPM) and the right lean forward, gravity will do more of the work for you and lead to a more efficient running form that will minimize injuries and fatigue (I think). So tonight, I tried to put that into practice again. I had mentioned this technique in the past, but wasn't really focusing on it as much during my training for the Bay to Breakers. Now that race is past, I will try to pursue it more diligently.

I heard mention of the Modesto Classic Run in Tuolumne River Park recently, 2011-05-28, so I may try and pursue that one, except that a friend is DJ'ing downtown the night before, so I am conflicted. I may try and tackle both anyway. There is also a 19th Annual Chocolate Festival 5K/1M in Oakdale this Saturday, 2011-05-21, at 0700 hrs., but I'm not sure I can still register for that one. I will have to check into that. Another link for the Oakdale event is at the top of the page here.

That's all for now.



P said...

Most events have same-day registration tables, I doubt that Oakdale run will be sold out. Go for it!!
Oh! Your shoe choice will totally help with the mid-foot strike thing, too. If you wear a shoe with a lot of pronation support, it's very hard to hit the stride just right.
And since you're a gadget geek like I am, you can pick up a foot pod cadence sensor for your Garmin to make sure you're hitting 180. They're not too expensive.

Lancer!! said...

I have arch supports in my Brooks, because I have tall arches. I think I'll have to wait on out of town trips till I get my timing belt replaced. 16k miles overdue. Oops.