Friday, July 29, 2011

Easy Run Friday

Went out for my Easy Run today.

DC Bike Path: 1/2 Marathon Training, Easy Run, (Walk/Jog). Dist: (6.32)mi. Pace-avg: (16:48). Speed-avg: (3.6)mph. Speed-max: (5.9)mph. Burned: (710) Calories.

Plan: Run (2) mi. @ (17:44) pace, for a total time of (35:29) min.
Actual: Jogged (2) mi. @ (13:24) pace, for a total time of (26:48.35) min. Bracketed by (1) mi. warm-up and cool-down, plus (2.32) mi. slow walk back to the house.
Fuel: PowerBar Strawberry-Banana gel. Always tasty.

Other News: I looked up Community Business College online after hearing about them at a job fair this past Tuesday. They have IT Certification Prep classes that appear to be nicely priced. Each class is only six (6) weeks long, and appears to be done online only. I will have to look into this further, but this may be a better option than Modesto Junior College's IT program; at least, it looks like it would be shorter overall.


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