Sunday, January 01, 2012

Lancer's 2011 Recap

So another year is here already. This is a brief recap of my athletic endeavors from 2011:

Cycling: (470.11) miles.
Walking: (474.4) miles; including Disneyland, the San Diego Zoo, the 100th Bay to Breakers, and Yosemite.
Running: (139.37) miles.

Running in particular has been a big achievement this year. Before I started working out at the gym and riding my bicycle even more than in 2010, I would have been hard pressed to even run for my life. Now I totally can! I ran/walked in the 100th Bay to Breakers on May 15, 2011, something I only did once before in 1984; it was great to do it again. I am already registered for the 2012 Bay to Breakers in San Francisco and am looking forward to it.

Attempting Half Dome in September, 2011, was also a big achievement. I didn't reach the summit, or even the base of the cables, but I got much further than I expected (the base of the Sub-Dome). During the hike up the Mist Trail I was even in serious doubt that I was going to make it to the top of Vernal Falls, let alone up to Little Yosemite Valley and beyond. This year I am hoping to make the trek again with my friends Dave and Sean. I may will even do it solo if they are unavailable, but I seriously want to spend more time hiking in Yosemite, and more time hiking in general, throughout this year.

2010-12-29: (220.0) lbs.
2011-12-31: (199.2) lbs.
-I lost (20.8) lbs over the course of the year and have kept it off, plus or minus (2) lbs.


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